Bring Back the Joy!: Boundaries Required

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How many times have you turned yourself into a pretzel “being flexible” for others and their requests of you? And after saying yes, you immediately want to kick yourself for saying yes when “no” was the only valid response based on your already hectic schedule? What makes us “over-give” and over extend ourselves for others while simultaneously making ourselves miserable?

Join us: Telecia Ellis, Jennifer Flynn, and host Tamarra Causley Robinson for this discussion about why we put ourselves in these compromising positions and how to graciously and gratefully change our hearts, minds, and responses to honor ourselves first. Boundaries required!

Telecia Ellis is a Personal Success and Wellbeing coach. She delights in helping women and healthcare professionals reduce stress in order to achieve their optimal level of wellbeing and performance. Find out more at

Jennifer Flynn helps others reestablish balance in their lives. When you find that you are never enough, overwhelmed with work, realizing you have no time for yourself, she helps you get you back on track to your destination of a joyful existence. For a free ‘Balance Assesment Toolkit’ visit

Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Life and Career Transitions Coach who helps professional women 40 + achieve career satisfaction by helping them DISCOVER their voice, MAKE their choice, and LIVE their life one DARE at a time, without apology guit, or shame. For more on Tamarra, visit

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