Unplug Yourself

Unplug Yourself

Everything works better if it gets unplugged for a little while.

What is any tech support line’s number one solution before all things? Unplug it…leave it unplugged for enough time to FULLY power down, and then plug it back in!

Guess who else that works for?


Recently I was in a gorgeous beach location, for a class if you can believe it, and I took a few days on the outset to unplug. The nature of this location left me with VERY limited internet and no cell service so, truth be told, I couldn’t have been fully plugged in if I wanted to. The types of experiences that take the power of being plugged in out of my hands really are best. Sometimes I need protection from myself and my love of work. Do you ever feel that way?

I took the time to get quiet and notice things I don’t often take the time to notice about myself and learned a few lessons.

Some things I ‘knew’ but needed reminded of, other things were a little more slow to soak in, kind of like the sunshine that quickly lead to a little extra rosiness.

Here is what showed up:

Everyone will be ok…
you are not as important as you think you are….This is not a bad thing! In reality, we are all replaceable, especially in the short term. The team could take care of anything that was needed, the ‘Village’ and Grandma were available to the kids. Everyone’s needs were met.

The people who have true emergency that directly impacts you always know how to reach you.

FOMO is real, and sometimes you don’t even know you have it until you don’t have access to the constant stimuli.
For those who suffer from this one particularly, you won’t die if you aren’t plugged in, and neither will anyone else. I promise.
To some this can be a big one. The dopamine trigger from social media and constant flood of your inbox is REAL. It can hijack your brain and make you think you need it, and you might be missing ‘an opportunity’ if you don’t have constant access. Put on your vacation reminder, make a socail media peeps know you are taking a time out and promise all the juicy details AFTER you get back on the grid.
People understand, they might be jealous, but they understand and are happy for you and actually work NOT to bother you. When you pre-frame your departure as ‘unplugged’ and you explicitly tell them what you need ahead of time they will work hard not to have to bother you.

Re-entry can be a bitch.
Nothing like the off grid hangover….in fact the fear of it is actually a big reason people won’t go unplugged too many days in a row. If you get over the idea of FOMO, you fear the beast you come back to.
Give yourself the gift of pushing a little harder before you leave so you don’t have to when you get back. Also add a reentry day that no one knows about (vacation responder still on) to get grounded and set yourself up for success and ease back into reality.

Zero contact is AHHHH-Mazing for your mindset AND your momentum.
Taking a full and complete break gives you greater creativity and recharges energy stores you didn’t even know you had. While off grid I had epiphanies and clarity and ah-has in totally randome places and random times. It’s like the flow that I didn’t know was missing was restored. After re-entry recovery… business picked up, sales for my clients skyrocketed and everything I touched felt like magic. I was laser focused and maximally productive.

And you can be too!

Go all in…no half ass unplugging, no “I’ll work a little or just work mornings, blah blah blah.” Don’t touch it…put a vacation responder on your email You can clean up on your re-entry day.
You don’t have to go ‘off grid’ in some exotic location to get this. You can CHOOSE IT FOR YOURSELF right at home. Have a staycation and just unplug the internet and the phone. Get in touch with nature. Get in touch with YOU. You don’t even have to have an agenda for it. Just be and do things you love and only things that you love.

Go put you ass in a chair, toes in the sand….umbrella drink in your hand, and all that.

What prevents you from unplugging? Share with us and let’s see how we can help you get that time without hassle and headache! Comment below or share with someone who needs this message!
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