Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on

Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on




noun: intuition

  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


Why is this important to business? I am so glad you asked.  Many people think of intuition as a ‘soft skill’ and in some circles it doesn’t carry much ‘street cred’.  

In my world it has become an approach to business that isn’t just the soul, but also the strategy.

It creates an experience that is more long term sustainable because we are ensuring integration of both personal and professional fulfillment and really tapping into someone’s full depth and breath so they can play full out.  What does that mean? They get to be WHOLE. A spiritual seeker and a badass business owner.

I spent the early part of my life try to silence it because I felt it made me weird….I have spent the last ½ of my life trying to get it back because I knew how much I needed it and that is was the thing that set me apart.

You see, I didn’t come here for sameness.  I am willing to be you didn’t either.

Clients ask me all the time, how I do what I do…

”How can you know that?” 

“You have the best analogies”

“ You always find the thing behind the thing….the thing I didn’t even know was there” 

“You can hear what I am not saying…I can’t even hear that and I am the one saying it!”   The examples go on.

The short answer?  I have actively cultivated my intuition.  I have actively allowed it to take its place at the front of the line…not the back.  No more hiding in the shadows, no more ‘riding pine’ on the JV bench of the sport that is my life.  It’s too important and it’s too needed. It is the single most important trick I have in my bag when helping my other spiritual seekers and business owners own their own place in the world.  It is these gifts that allow me to see what they don’t see and speak what they haven’t yet heard. It’s like a whisper of their higher self that I turn the volume up on so they can take action.

I found that in the early years of my business it was just the ‘magic’ thing I did and I would wave it off because I didn’t want to seem too weird and I was afraid it would crush my credibility if anyone knew.  

Here’s what I have learned…

-It’s not something to hide, its the thing that makes me uniquely suited to the people I serve. My clients ask for it by name.  That thing that I used to hide that made me weird …is actually my super power. It helps me to help them get what they want out of their business…which leads to getting more of what they want from life. 

 -For business owners, we often get into business because we want to make an impact and a difference…AND we want freedom to live a life we always dreamed of.  Our business is a vehicle for that life.

-The people who you are meant to work with…show up and they show up because your superpower is the thing they want and need most and they don’t care what you call it or the packaging it comes in….they care about the results they get.

-Don’t work with the people who don’t get you. Don’t change because you think it’s what the ‘norm’ dictates.  Make your own rules, break the old rules and fuck the norm. It’s an uphill battle and the view is never worth the climb.  Know who your people are. LOVE THEM and they will love you back with rewards that multiply with each passing year beyond your wildest imaginings.

Why do people hide?One word.  JUDGEMENT.

OK…maybe two words….add REJECTION

Everyone hates being judged and rejected.  Both will send someone running the other direction screaming.  How do you step out from behind the shadows of those two gremlins?

  1.  Find the community that sees you bigger than you see yourself and celebrates you!  In other words, “Go where you are celebrated!”
  2. Bring the gremlins out into the light.  Fear can only live in the shadows.

Why are your unique gifts so important?

In business: They are the things that set you apart from others.  They are the beacons of light that call your tribe home. They are the tools of your trade.  They are the superpowers that get big time results and create happy customers and clients.

In life:  They allow you to be fully expressed, lit from the inside out, and deeply fulfilled without apology.  They are freedom incarnate.

Your gifts may not be my gifts…but I know you have something that sets you apart from the crowd. Are you hiding them or living them?

Want a slice of my gifts? 🙂  Grab a seat on my calendar here and let’s have a chat