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As a busy mother of three daughters who has always been career-driven, I’ve been on the ugly side of life – where life controlled me. Life was complex, diverse, challenging . . . and I wasn’t especially happy about the pace or enjoying life’s adventures. I had too much to do and too little time to do it.

When clients come to me, I often hear similar laments:

I know how you feel!

I begin and end my day feeling like I’m never enough..

I’m an overworked business owner who hasn’t had a vacation in years. No one seems to take their job seriously. I’m wondering if I should stay in the business.

I make sure everyone else is taken care of first, and (while I try not to think about it) I start to resent it.

It seems like there’s never enough time in my workday. The office isn’t organized, and patients are turning to other providers. I’m tired of having an office that isn’t running very well.

I wish I could be a better role model of a working parent for my kids.

I’m working like a dog. I need to grow my business but there’s no way I can put in more hours! How do I grow?

Yep.I had similar thoughts.

The funny thing was, I liked the bits and pieces of my life, it just didn’t like the actual experience. Somehow, I had to break free from the never-ending cycle.

And I did. I had to build a strategy to succeed.

I had to find a way to be effective in business, grow my career and enjoy life as a whole. It was a complex strategy with a series of problems that demanded time and attention. I sought out consultants in various fields, I challenged my own beliefs, grew more creatively and I developed a successful business. Seeing my success and vision, others requested my help.

How am I different? Why did I succeed when others fail? The short answer is that I’m good at reverse engineering. I start with the end in mind. I once read that J. K. Rowling began her successful series with a plan to write 7 books about Hogwarts! She knew where she was going. I learned to do the same. I have a great capacity for knowledge, applications and accountability. I help my clients take action. My clients move forward rapidly because there is a clear and decisive plan – with action items at every step. When you can define the steps, it’s an orderly and smart process to get there.

That doesn’t mean you do it all. The idea that one person can navigate efficiently in every area of their life is not only old fashioned but but at odds with being successful. Business and life are much more complicated now. You can’t have all the answers. Instead, we work together. I help. And I have resources that help my clients navigate creatively and successfully. All while having more passion for life, feeling more fulfilled and definitely more balanced. It’s being 21st century smart.

Working with me. When I work with a client, we are honest with each other, judgement free and straight-forward. I provide strong support and a clear, tactical plan. I inspire my clients to take action.

Together we can do the same in your life. The chaos ends. The strategy begins.

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