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With your mind on your money and your money on your mind

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Hi, this is Jennifer Flynn with, and I’m coming to you in a series of videos to take what information I gave you in the guide a little bit deeper. This is going to be the first of a series, and today the topic we’re going to talk about  is ‘Mindset’. I want to give you some deeper understanding and tools for that concept, to really be able to apply that knowledge even further. Mindset, as I mentioned in the guide, has a lot of attention on it. It’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, and I’m very conscious of that, but there’s no better word for it and it really is an important component to you and gaining new business, and your business overall. It’s the reason I talk about it first, because it is the foundation for all other things in your business.

What I mean by that is, I consider mindset to be something like thermostat, and note that’s not the temperature of the room, but the thermostat. The thermostat is the thing that dictates the temperature of the room. It’s the thing that dictates the environment, it’s the set point that we expect the environment to raise to meet. Your mindset is very much the thermostat for your business, for your team, and for your clients. You deciding what that set point is going to be dictates how the environment raises to reach that temperature.

How this applies to your team and your clients is you having a good, clear feeling on your business. That’s not just who we serve and how we serve them, and how valuable it is, but also where are you in the space of serving? Are you in joy? Are you in burnout? Are you somewhere in between?  Are you still inspired by your gift and bringing it to the world, or are you feeling fried at the end of every day, and it’s just turned into a job?

There’s solutions for all of that, but it’s really important for you take stock and look at where your thermostat is set as far as how you’re showing up, but also in your mindset for sales. You will hear me talk a lot about sales alongside this process because I believe while I support business in their entirety, I’m really all about creating whole entrepreneurs who have really fantastic work/life balance whatever that means to you. I know it’s another buzzword, but we find what that looks like for you. It begins with having a solid bottom line and great cash flow. That cash flow is what brings you to freedom, and being able to focus on sales and having a really great sales mindset is your gateway to more cash flow via more business coming in.

I talked a little in that guide about sitting down and really making a list of all of the things that are great about what you offer and how you serve, and making sure that you believe truly that: that it is truth for you. Just as importantly, anybody who is going to touch any client coming through your process, who’s touching content, who’s putting out social media, who’s answering your phone…those people have to have the same thermostat that you do with respect to mindset. They have to believe in those solutions just as much as you do because you can’t sell something if you’re not sold on it yourself, so it’s really important to make that list.

Now, ther is a next step to that. Here’s the exercise I want you to do today, I want you to think back to really crappy sales experiences that you’ve had. What you hated about, even a bad experience might have something good, but what’s good, what’s bad about it? Really unpack what sales means to you, and what stories you tell about sales. I’m will give you a short little example. I remember when my mom asked what I do, and I was talking about how I built sales teams for larger companies and sometimes I served as a component to those sales teams. We did outreach for companies to talk to their prospective clients.  My mother’s response was. “Oh my god! I hang up on ‘you people’ all day long.” I thought, “Oh, that’s how that gets viewed,” and then it, for a second, made what I was doing feel sort of icky.

You really have to unpack that for yourself and ask yourself, “What does sales mean to me?”  Many entrepreneurs don’t get into sales. They get into business for the thing that they love to do and to bring their gift forth, but they don’t really want to talk about sales. They didn’t get into their business to be a salesperson, and I’m here to tell you that’s a mindset shift and a set point that’s going to need some adjustment if you want to welcome in all of the new business that’s probably hanging out your fence line. It is sitting there waiting for your mindset to shift so you can receive it. We have to be in a place where we view sales as service, as a positive thing, that we are doing ‘for and with’ people, not ‘to’ them. We have to get really good at it to be able to serve with our gift. Now I’m not saying you have to become a salesperson and that’s the only thing you’re going to focus on, but what I am proposing is that you shift your mindset to realize that it is the gate to your business. That alone is a tremendous thing we can do to ensure that, that gate is very welcoming to every person that steps into its threshold.

So please stay tuned, I hope this was helpful for you and we’re will have more videos coming to talk a little bit more in depth about the other points within in that ‘Cash Flow Killers’ PDF. I look forward to seeing you the next time. Until then, if I can support you or if you have questions about any of the content in the guide or questions that aren’t in the guide, but came up for you through this process, please absolutely reach out. You can click the link on this page to reply, you can grab the button below to grab a seat on my calendar for your own private, no obligation, strategy session, and see how I can help. Keep your eye on your inbox, make sure that we are white listed, We look forward to seeing you next time. Thanks for listening.

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