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Corporate work.

Are you convinced your organization is underperforming? Your business depends on new clients and repeat business.  But there are missing pieces.  There’s a disconnect between marketing and sales.  There’s an inherent lack of understanding when it comes to nurturing your clients.

Whatever the problems, we help identify solutions.

We help you find and train high performers. We work with businesses to build an unstoppable sales force – individuals who are not only enthusiastic – but passionate about the services they provide. These high performers may be on your staff already – but they need training. We help you identify the potential stars.

And whether we help you build a sales team or train your present team, we provide the resources you need to manage an effective team. High performers respond to effective leadership. We’ll work with you to incorporate accountability goals to keep your sales team motivated. We’ll help you weed out underperformers. And with our help, we’ll develop results-driven processes that will keep your high performers engaged and satisfied.

The result.

Your organization turns the corner. You team will reach quotas and revenue goals. The lifeblood of your company, cash flow, will be consistent. And success will breed more success as high performers try to “outperform” each other.

In short, the type of sales coaching we do helps the entire organization move forward. We help your employees overcome objections, get repeat business and upsell – improving your bottom line, and your cash flow, considerably.

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If you’re looking to improve the bottom line for your business, hire driven sales people, teach them how to identify pain points and the know-how to close sales, give us a call. Schedule a complimentary call and see how we can help position your organization as the top competitor in your field.

“Jennifer Flynn is the epitome of “what you see is what you get.” She has made it her mission to practice first what she teaches so she can coach with authenticity and integrity, and she swirls it with humor and personality making her the perfect blend of a balanced coach, mentor, friend and drill sergeant. Professionally and personally Jennifer is in a league all to herself yet she makes you feel as if you’re the only other person in the world when she’s with you. Jennifer is truly the real deal.”

Danica Trebel

Owner, Unlearning U

“Jennifer is outstanding and competent in multiple dimensions. She is skilled at dissecting an organization and leader(s) in an efficient, yet thorough manner and developing strategies and recommendations that bring results. She has an outstanding ability to ask the right questions that elicit critical information that brings clarity and focus to the organization and the leadership. Jennifer's skills, experience and warm personality are accentuated with high positive energy and enthusiasm.”

Greg Waggoner

Director of Athletics, Eastern New Mexico University

“I’ve know Jenn for years. When we first met I was a young entrepreneur with potential that needed direction, she helped me to focus on my goals and build me up, with her encouragement.  I now have the leadership skills to motivate my team to accomplish my professional vision.

She is simply a wonderfully gifted spirit and it is with gratitude that I recommend her for your journey!

Scott D. Anderson

Gentle Dental Care