It’s time to reinvigorate and shift priorities.

Find Out What’s Killing Your Cash Flow

Which of the following describes you?


My business is running me…into the ground. Ready to find balance in your life?


but its not that fun. My business supports me and my family, but I don’t love it like I used to. Boredom much? Ready to take action and delegate?


I need to leverage what I have to play bigger and break through the glass ceiling without losing myself in the process. Ready to grow?


…build me an empire and a legacy! Ready to plan and measure results?


When you started your business, you expected to be busy. You also expected some flexibility – even though you knew you’d be passionate about the business and driven to succeed. Instead, you’re now feeling crushed – crushed by the enormity of it all and without the freedom you envisioned. You’ve lost the excitement and passion for the business. You may even feel more penned-in than ever before.

Don’t give up. And most of all don’t continue to do the same things you’ve been doing all along!

let’s talk!

If any of the descriptions above sound like you, perhaps we should talk. I work with busyaholic entrepreneurs . . . business owners who work constantly, without enthusiasm and are reacting rather than planning. My clients want to get more out of life while enjoying the work they do. They come to me when their business seems to be running them. They’ve been working hard, with very little reward. And they’ve lost the excitement they once had. My clients include the contractor suffering from massive burnout who’s drowning in workload. Or the leadership coach who has bigger plans but a calendar full of 1-2-1 clients. They come from nearly every industry, usually in crisis mode, constantly cleaning up messes and always reacting rather than planning.


How do you break the cycle?

That’s where I come in. Or maybe I should say, that’s where you and I get to work. I am a business strategist who helps business owners take back their lives. I help inspire business owners to plan for what is possible. It may start with a change in mindset. Owners often come to me for help in a specific area of their business. The problem might be centered around sales, and cashflow. Or it could be organizing and systematizing processes. Whatever the problems are, I help my clients identify and implement solutions.

Why work with my team?

That’s simple. Results. We are a judgement-free zone. I don’t really care how you got to where you are; I’m more interested in your desire to act. This isn’t about talking and not doing. It’s about committing to working on a solution. We’re frank, but truthful. Kind and compassionate. The work must be done at your pace. We get it. But we also inspire. Our clients improve their businesses and their lives. We support. We provide clear, tactical guidelines. Our solutions are well-thought-out and proven. Our team will provide the knowledge and accountability you need.

Our difference

We are a team of business strategists. We help identify the best long-term opportunities for growth. We begin with the end in mind – reverse engineering is one of our greatest strengths. And we identify the method and tools you need to break through economic or process barriers you face. With a clear plan, our clients generally act quickly and resolve issues that impede growth. We help them by providing the tools they need to make smart decisions – and work becomes fun again.

The process

We begin with a short call. I call it the Discovery Call. We take this time to briefly discuss your challenges and expectations. The call serves as our evaluation of this co-creative process. The success of this partnership depends on our ability to work together. If we determine that we are a good match for each other, we can discuss how we will work together – based on the challenges you are facing.

The client’s commitment

Our clients must be willing to do the work. But we also understand that the time commitment depends on the individual. We are strategists who are direct but discriminate. We work within your time constraints. In truth, our clients resolve problems more quickly than they expect – and then go on to grow the business further.

Corporate work

Are you convinced your organization is underperforming? You want new clients and repeat business, but there’s an inherent lack of understanding when it comes to nurturing your clients. We work with businesses to build an unstoppable sales force – individuals who are not only enthusiastic – but passionate about the services they provide. If your company provides a service or product directed

to people with discretionary resources, we can help your employees overcome objections, get repeat business and upsell – improving your bottom line considerably

Hear what my clients have to say

I have greatly enjoyed working with Jenn. She is whip-smart and strategic while being loving, thoughtful, and supportive. Jenn is quick and responsive to every need and feedback that has given me the support that I’ve needed to grow myself and my business.

Bailey Fruman

MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist & Lifestyle Design Coach

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