The Frequently Answered Questions below may help you make a decision.

What is a business strategist?

A business strategist is a coach for people in business. It’s a form of coaching and a powerful connection between a trained coach and a client who is ready to focus on business strategies, as well as personal and professional growth. A business strategist can help with productivity, efficiencies within all aspects of the business, cash flow management, workflow processing and application technologies.  The right business strategist can help identify solutions to complex problems. A business strategist should LISTEN, HEAR, UNDERSTAND and PROVIDE DIRECTION. My philosophy is about honoring the innate wisdom of my clients and offering support on the journey to realizing their fullest potential through strategies, resources and tools that promote lasting sustainable change.

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with those who feel like they are not getting everything they want out of life, despite the fact that they know they have it in them. They are busyaholics. They are entrepreneurs who feel drained, tired of riding the ups and downs of their business and need some answers. Refer to the four descriptors on the home page – can one of these descriptions be you?

I work with people who are passionate about their lives and recognize that their business has not yet met its full potential. These are people who are willing to invest in themselves. They may often find they characterize themselves as ‘perfectionists’ – trying to take on the world and trying to do it all right now, no excuses, come hell or high water.  And they expect to do it ‘flawlessly’ – even at the expense of health, wellness, relationships and happiness. This success at any cost is often accompanied by periods of overwhelm and guilt. They want, and need, direction. With some help, they have a plan of attack. And that’s what I offer to them – a trusted professional who can help them define that strategy.

I help people become more of who they really are through powerful questions and superior support. They recognize their own true power and view me as their catalyst to help create a shift, meeting them where they are, and then later, helping them bridge from where they are to where they know they can be.

What happens if you haven’t worked with people who have my concerns yet?

I have worked with people with a wide scope of goals and challenges. Most likely I have encountered your particular struggle along the way. However, if I haven’t, you are at no disadvantage, quite the contrary. In fact, always working with the exact type of client can create repetition. It’s my fresh perspective and unique approach to their challenges that my current and former clients find exceedingly helpful. I do not believe in the cookie cutter approach. Instead, I tailor my work with you for your individual needs. In other words, I meet YOU where YOU are RIGHT NOW and help you get where you want to go.

How are you different from other business strategists?

While I have systems and processes that I employ to help clients get results, as mentioned above, everything is individual. Who is more you than you? That is why each experience is different. People are different. I work hard to stay ahead of the curve. I continually pursue continuing education in my field to ensure that I am bringing the best tools to the table. I study business processes. And I keep on top of current technologies employed by businesses for successful resolution of problems. I am a catalyst that helps people change their personal and professional lives. I have the unique ability to sense what is not being said and make it a point to bring it to the surface. I can shine a light on your blind spots so you can move forward more quickly.

To be bold, I don’t mess around when it comes to you. You deserve to get the most out of this process even if that means getting some tough stuff out of the way (in the kindest most supportive, but effective way you can imagine). You will have my absolute focus and undivided attention during our interactions. I will hold you accountable, be a compassionate witness to your struggles, and help you identify the pain points within your life and your business. I will ask you the hard questions and we will uncover the inconvenient truths. We will find the solutions. You are worth all the tricks in my bag.

What if I live far away?

No Problem! I work with clients all over the world. Technology is a beautiful thing. We can work together just as effectively in another country as if you were in my own back yard – and everywhere in between. My clients love the flexibility of not having to travel to my office. I literally meet you wherever you are: in your office, on your drive to work, on the train, at the coffee shop, while getting your nails done . . . you get the idea. There is never a worry about traffic, being late, or what you are wearing. We can connect via phone, video chat or in person for those who are near. What is most important is the connection you have with the business strategist. If the approach feels right, makes you feel safe to grow and evolve without judgment, and feels like someone who can help you – than the location of that person is irrelevant.

What type of personality do you work with best and what is expected of me?

Working with a business strategist is designed for individuals who are dead serious about getting results and creating change in their lives. When I work with clients, there’s no more losing sleep over what they didn’t get done; no more wondering when and if it “will be my turn.” They are ready for action and results now. This process is about creating lifetime change with meaningful support. I am known to work best with highly motivated go-getters who just want to know what to do and how to do it. They are willing to dig deep to find the answers. They want a role in their business that is more strategic and less reactive.

You will be expected to take an active role in your success. There is serious and consistent work to be done. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you create change. Personal responsibility is key. You, and your business, will benefit from the time and effort you put into the process. I wish I could do it for you. . .but I can’t. I can help you get there. I can bring the tools to the table, but you will have to pick them up and do your own work.

For what type of person is coaching not going to work?

I am selective in who I work with. I like to cherry pick my clients, and I gently turn away those who would not be a good fit and who would not get the result they have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

I don’t resonate well with the chronic whiner and those who consistently make excuses for not following through on the actions they agreed to take with respect to their progress. Cases like that leave me feeling like my time has been misused and their money wasted. It’s not a win-win on any front and leads to the dissatisfaction of both parties. I am all about the win-win. I do this because I love it and I am good at it. The rewards for me are not just monetary. Your success actually feeds my soul.

How do you help people reach their goals and overcome their obstacles?

As mentioned previously, I do not employ an “all people are the same and need to fit into my tiny little box” approach. However, there are some basic steps that we tend to follow when working together. My proprietary process includes:

  1. Vision: This must always come first. We have to work together to determine where you are going and what you want to accomplish. What are the pain points? Where are the roadblocks? Once this is established, we can break out the flashlight and start mapping the course. “What if I don’t know what my vision is or where I am going?” It’s OK, that is why you are here!
  2. Getting to Know your Gremlins: In other words, “What got you here in the first place!” It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”-SunTzu
  3. Telling a New Story: Laying the groundwork for change. Choosing “high excellence” as your goal. Look at the process like this: Uninstalling the old operating system and installing a new one that serves you better.
  4. Systems, Tools and Resources: We focus on organizing and systematizing processes. We identify and implement solutions. What processes can we improve? What applications can we employ? What gaps are left untended? The idea here is to remove barriers, clear up inefficiencies and leave you time to oversee the business as a whole – and look forward to implementing changes that will lead to growth.
  5. Maintenance: Creating long term sustainable results. Business is dynamic. It constantly changes and you have to adjust to those changes – or the business withers away. Even as you succeed, we press forward, taking the time to re-examine business opportunities so that your professional satisfaction continues to grow.
Does this really work?

Yes! With time, consistency, planning and the implementation of new processes, your work life and personal life will not only co-exist, but thrive. The business will be more successful. Instead of reacting to the latest problem, you’ll be able to plan for further growth. Business is much more satisfying when you have the tools and strategies to succeed. And as things change, as business expands, I am always here to help direct further growth. Most clients choose a maintenance package after the initial work is done in order to continue consistent upward momentum. Because business is ever evolving, working with a business strategist provides the competitive edge to remain successful.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Have more balance between work and home; between professional and personal goals.
  • Experience more dedicated time for yourself – time that can be spent enriching yourself.
  • Spend more time working ON the business – helping it grow – rather than working IN the business, fixing problems.
  • Spend more time mentoring your own staff, building effective leaders.
  • Stop hustling for your worthiness and realize that “you are enough.”
  • Manage time more efficiently – as well as manage the business more effectively.
  • Respond vs react; to be more proactive in decisions, rather than reactive to problems.
  • Create systematic changes that free up time and provide greater fulfillment.
  • Be more creative in solving problems – seeing more opportunities for growth.
  • And more.
Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

I take confidentiality VERY seriously. I do not release any info regarding client experience. You may check out the PRAISE page of this website to learn about the successes, experiences and results from clients who choose to share. I am also available for any questions you may have. In fact, clients find that the very best way to decide if this is a good solution for them is to reach out to me via phone or email and schedule a complimentary get acquainted/discovery session.

How can I guarantee myself that I will get results in record time?

Much of this will depend on you and your commitment. It can also depend on the program/package that you choose. More frequent sessions yield faster change. Another factor is how you approach each session.

  • Do you show up on time to get the most contact?
  • Are you clear on your agenda for the session and commitment to creating a next steps plan?
  • Are you ready to put those ‘take-aways’ into action between now and your next session?

If you answered YES, then you are ready to catapult your results. Most clients feel the shift and start seeing results in their first session.

I’ve decided you are the right business strategist for me, how do I get started?

Fantastic! Please click on the GET STARTED button at the top of the page and let’s get acquainted.

Ok, I know what I want to do. How do I get started?

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of happy successful people is that they take action? These people also make decisions based on their gut instinct or intuitive sense. That being said, since this feels right for you, GO FOR IT!

Here is what you need to do: Go to the Contact Us page and send me a direct message or schedule a consultation with me by selecting the GET STARTED button. My social media sites are also provided on the website if you prefer to contact me through that mode of communication. I answer all of my correspondence personally. You will get me and me alone every time. I can’t wait to meet you in person or by phone/video chat to get you started on moving your life forward. Let’s do this!

If I’m not sure I want to get started how do I sample your work at a low cost to see if it is the right solution for me?

You can always select the GET STARTED button at the top of the page for a complimentary get acquainted call. Or call me direct at 970.275.4595.

I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions, Can I call you?

Absolutely!! Sounds like you are ready to move life forward and be pulled into your future. If you have a couple of questions, feel free to call me direct at 970.275.4595, or contact me through the Contact Us page, or select the GET STARTED button at the top of the page to schedule a complimentary call. I can’t wait to connect with you and see you succeed. I am honored to be the one to support you on your journey. Let’s get going!