Frank Demming:

Frank Demming:

SEO Expert

SEO Got you down?  Frank will pick you up.  He is magic at demystifying SEO and getting you a superior return on traffic.  Not to mention he is a helluva guy personally.  I am proud to partner with him professionally and through that experience also call him a friend.


Nettie Owens:

Nettie Owens:

Accountability Expert

Need to take everything I teach you and get daily accountability to get it done?  Netti and Sappari Solutions are here to rescue.  She will check in with you each day to ensure that everything we talk about gets accomplished. She will take a fierce and loving stand for your highest and greatest results.  Make sure you let her know you are working with me to get our special program.


Relationship Development:

Relationship Development:

Relationship Experts

Exactly what the name says.  Business can take its toll on our nearest and dearest. Got a relationship that is lost its zip, stuck in a rut, hanging by a thread or perfectly perfect and want to keep it so or take it higher?  This crew is your go to.



I am an assessment junkie.  I love anything that can tell me more about how my brain and everyone else works.  How people are hard-wired, what they naturally tend toward etc.  It helps me help them from a place of not trying to change them but rather allowing them to harness their truest and most innate gifts and talents.  These are affiliate links and I do get some perks…but that’s not why they are on my hot list.  These are my most favorite go-to tools for building teams and helping entrepreneurs put their best foot forward.

The BQ Assessment

Yup, this one is mine if you haven’t taken it yet.  Grab your score and the appropriate tool that comes with it.  It will tell you where to start in creating a more balanced feeling in your life and give you tools and support to create meaningful and lasting change.  Seriously, how could an assessment junkie not make up her own assessment?!



Not a personality test…This tells you how you are naturally wired to take action.  How you approach solving problems and doing the ‘work’


How To Fascinate

This helps to understand how you ‘dawn’ on people or make a first impression.  If you want the power to influence you gotta know what people things when they encounter you.  Is there something you need to tone down?  Something you need to amp up to make the desired impression?  They also do a fantastic job with assessing your brand and helping you find power words and phrases to really make you stand out.
Want help tying these all together and harnessing your inner power to get shit done?  Grab a spot on my calendar and let’s chat about it to see if I can help….no obligation and totally risk-free.  It’s 30 minutes that might change your life!


Mighty Nest

Get your household going GREEN with a sustainability product each month!  Super affordable and they send you a little something to stop using so many disposables each month!  Super high-quality stuff.  We bought the year subscription and it has been amazing!



DoTerra…yup I know everyone is on the essential oils train, and yup there are a lot out there.  No body beats DoTerra in my mind.  I can taste and feel and smell a difference in the purity and quality of the oil.  I am NOT a ‘business builder’.  I am a straight up consumer only, but I do love their oils above all others….Rachel is your gal.  Tell her I send my love.


The People's Chemist

Let’s be honest, this guy is not for everyone (and quite frankly, neither am I).  He is brash and bold, sometimes so honest it could be perceived as rude and arrogant and I have even heard him called an ass…but when your passionate about helping people and your stuff works,  you get to be whoever you want to be.  Honestly, he has great products and as a former pharmaceutical chemist he knows his research and he makes high quality, high efficacy stuff.  I have tried ALL of his products and he is a current mainstay in our ‘medicine’ cabinet.  This is not an affiliate link…just straight up solid referral direct to his website.




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