If you feel called to it… this is your opportunity to maximize the window you will have over the next three days to get even deeper and ensure it creates the impact you want.  There will be a lot packed into these 3 days.  Give yourself the gift of full immersion and having all of it at your fingertips to revisit and review when needed.

  • LASER COACHING CALL prior to the event to get 1:1 support and zero in on your biggest challenge so you get the most out of the experience.
  • Exclusive ‘after hours’ BONUS Q/A SESSION
  • A smooth transition into your new reality with our SUNDAY CONCLAVE.  This will be your bonus debrief session to unpack what you learned and synthesize, integrate and anchor the experience….Don’t let ‘re-entry’ into the world on Monday sabotage your progress
  • Access to The Balance Conservatory™ where you can review all recordings from all sessions (available within 30-45 days for processing)
    • Video recordings of all event sessions
    • Audio files from event sessions
    • Written transcription of the event sessions