chaos & burnout

in 7 proven steps

end the war between work and play

and take back the power over your life

You’ve always been determined to juggle it all.

Your career. Your family. Your own health and wellbeing.
But it’s become harder and harder to keep all those balls in the air, and you’re feeling more like an overwhelmed disaster than someone who’s in control and has it all together.

The idea of balancing your life seems simultaneously incredible and impossible – where would you even start?!

How do I know?

Because I was once you.

I’m Jennifer Flynn,

The life and business balance coach for high-achievers who want to kill the overwhelm, get more done, and feel better about everything they juggle,

and I was once exactly where you are right now…

I was always the go-to person for getting sh*t done.

People often marveled, “Where do you find the time?” as they watched me spin one plate after another.  

No one realized though that, while it seemed I always kept all the plates spinning, I had actually become very good at sweeping up dropped plates and getting a new one spinning before anyone else noticed.  

But soon, too many plates were getting dropped, and it felt like

life was living me.



I decided it was time to turn my life around – and that’s exactly what I did!

After a lot of time, research, pushing the boundaries of my sanity, and trial and error, I found a system that worked.

I replaced the chaos that can naturally come from being a business owner and mom of 3 and found balance and a deep sense of peace in the midst of it all.  

After turning my own life around, I made it my personal mission to help other stressed out, high achievers do the same thing. I’ve helped clients use the BALANCE BLUEPRINT to love their lives and work again. Now you have the opportunity to use this proven system to end constant overwhelm and stop coming in last place… in much less time than trying to fix everything on your own!

Are you ready to finally feel successful at work and life?

A Scaled Soul

7 Steps to Ditch Chaos and Restore Peace

Learn the exact system other busy professionals have used to achieve balance

Each of the 7 steps are divided into individual classes to

help you build a balanced life, step-by-step – without overwhelm.


Boundaries: Say no, so you can fully say yes

  • Understand how you got overcommitted and why it’s draining the life out of you
  • Learn how to confidently say yes to the things that matter most
  • Clear the decks so you actually have free time again
  • Use my scripts right away to say no unapologetically… while still being kind

Assess: Create your own definition of balance

  • Figure out what your personal idea of balance even is
  • Gain clarity on who you are and what you most want out of life… even if you think you have no idea
  • Develop your own guidance system to quickly and confidently make decisions that support the life and work you want



Leverage: Work smarter, not harder

  • Recognize where all your time is going with the 4 quadrants tool
  • Learn how to overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, and perfectionism so you work effectively on things that MATTER and get bigger results
  • Incorporate productivity hacks and a smarter to-do list into your daily life to get more done in less time

Address Yourself: Develop healthy habits for your mind

  • Discover what habits are ruling your day and how they’re weighing you down
  • Upgrade your mindset so you can play a bigger and better game (not just a busier, guilt-ridden one!)
  • Learn to avoid the thoughts and behaviors that will sabotage your success
  • Overcome your previous “wiring for stress” with a new, more peaceful normal



Narrate: Break free from the old story

  • Move away from a busy life and toward a full life
  • Draft an “elevator speech for life” to remind yourself and those around you of where you’re going and what matters most 
  • Rewrite your story from the inside out to match the new reality you are creating so that you can experience it faster and others can support you in it

Community: Attract a strong support network

  • Create the right tribe who provide empathy and support when things suck, but give a loving, judgment-free, kick-in-the-butt so you reach your full potential
  • Discover how and where to find these mystical magical unicorn people!
  • Thrive in the face of the naysayers, upgrade your current tribe, and successfully deal with the ones who are unsupportive… but you can’t kick out of your tribe



Engage: Learn real hacks to experience the best ‘you’ in terms of physiology and psychology

  • Ditch the guilt around taking care of yourself
  • Practice “Me-sponsibility” by being responsible for yourself, first and foremost, so you can then serve others
  • Create an “emergency plan” to keep yourself together during the times things go awry

Ready for BALANCE in your life?

"I appreciate how you can help me look outside myself and see the bigger picture, so that I may "respond" to situations rather than 'react' therefore improving my outcomes."
Mark Morey
"The best takeaway was to hear a professional understand me and enunciate my struggle and outlook for success as well as you had. Which lead me to feel relief, appreciated, valued, and most of all, emphatized. That's a rare feeling to get from close friends and relatives, let alone someone I just met... I cherish that. That - itself, freed my head from staying stuck."
Anita Meyers

21 Day NO RISK Guarantee

(That is almost half of the program with no risk)
I believe wholeheartedly in this system. I’ve seen it transform the lives of my one-on-one clients, and I know Balance YOUniversity can do the same for you. Just in case though, you have 21 days to try out Balance YOUniversity, risk-free.
If the course hasn’t helped you start building a balanced life, call or email by midnight EST on the 21st day from purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

I bring my very best to this course.

If you do the same, you WILL see positive change in your life, while gaining access to an amazing community of like-minded people who support you, understand you, and help keep you on the path to sustainable results.

a Scaled Soul includes:

7 Video Classes

where I will guide you through each step of the proprietary BALANCE system (classes will be recorded for those who want to re-watch)

Tools, Ninja Hacks, and Jedi-like tricks

Real life examples and specific tools – both tactical and mindset. These are delivered during the class and Q & A to meet the needs of those participating. I customize this experience based on your needs!

7 Live Q&A Calls

on Zoom to get your own questions answered as well as hear the questions and concerns of people just like you. These are high engagement calls with additional content and support! Everyone gets solutions to their unique challenge or struggle!

Additional tools and resources

to deepen the learning and create mastery. A whole member’s portal where you can access replays, find valuable PDF’s and video trainings based on what you need most and the unique questions that come up during our time together.

Access to Private Member’s Only Facebook Group

This is a great place to feel ‘community’ and not only get support from people who share the struggle, but also from me. I am VERY active in this group and answering questions in real time throughout the days. It’s like having ME in your pocket.

On the fence? Consider this…

What if you don’t get help and change the pace at which you’re living your life?
Will you continue living in survival mode, struggling against overwhelm, and feeling like you come in last behind everyone else?
Will your health, career, and relationships begin (or continue!) deteriorating?
What happens if you say yes to yourself and join Balance YOUniversity today?
You stop feeling pulled in a million directions and happily choose what to focus your time and energy on.
You change your story from “I’m always too busy” to “My life is full.”
You become a positive role model for your family of caring for yourself so you can care for others.
You enjoy the best parts of your life and give up the things that don’t really matter… without any guilt over it.

"I turned to Jennifer for help with my job. I had very little support or appreciation from my job and needed someone with direct experience who could be my sounding board and help me make decisions more easily. She has been that and so much more. Not long after signing up to work with Jennifer, my personal life needed to be a higher priority than work. Jennifer changed focus easily. She has been instrumental in saving my sense of well being and in strengthening my marriage and relationship with my children. Unlike therapists that I have worked with in the past, Jennifer comes to our conversations with specific tools that help me every day. Jennifer has so many ideas that she brings forward and backs them up with real life experiences that I can easily apply to situations in my life."

Join NOW And Get These Fast Action Bonuses:

The Quick Start Guide to BALANCE

which describes all 7 steps and gives fast tips for incorporating them into your life so that you can start seeing results right away

Early Bird Access to Me In A Private Facebook group

with other BALANCE YOUniversity peeps so you develop your very own support system for faster results.

My Productivity Hack Sheet

to help you get more done and prioritize your day EVERY day

A Laser 1:1 Balance Session

for personalized support and strategy around your biggest pain point

Swipe copy with the exact words

you can say to create boundaries for yourself and reduce the number of things on your plate right away without sounding like an a*hole

Build a Balanced Life Now

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you’re crazy busy.. In fact, that is why you are here, now!

And the last thing I want to do is tack on another project to your never-ending to-do list.

But here’s the thing – you DO have time. Say what!!?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day…but between work and home, your job is to maximize the return on every hour spent, and prioritize your activities accordingly.

So my goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you very quickly that you need systems and structure to take back your freedom . Most of my clients find that they actually get time back by implementing the strategies and tools in this program simply because they learn how to ‘do less better’ and ‘work smarter not harder’.

The whole point is for you to get your time back so you can feel more balanced, and actually have space to do things YOU want to do.

EASY! I have got your back. All classes and Q/A Session will be recorded and will be available in your member’s only area so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

ABSOLUTELY! Questions are invited and welcomed. You should never feel stuck. You have 24/7 access to the private ‘Members Only’ Facebook group. I will be there answering questions and we will be also covering things that come up here in the live Q/A’s… AND you are never alone because you have your fellow program participants as well to share the victories and challenges and best practices to keep you moving forward at all times. My biggest goal is that you feel supported through the entire process. These are great forums to address your specific needs and questions. If it is coming up for you, it is likely coming up for others.

Everyone is different and we are all at different stages in the chaos. You didn’t get here overnight and you won’t likely fix it overnight. That being said, I expect you will start to feel relief after the very first class as the first thing we will learn how to do is ‘clear the decks’. Many people feel immediate relief simply because they know help is coming and there is support and expert guidance to light the way.

Balance YOUniversity is an 8 week program. We will have 7 live classes on Wednesdays and live Q/A on Mondays. The last week being a Q/A. You will have the option for additional support beyond this point should you choose to continue with the community or private 1:1 exclusive support and accountability.

I’m Jennifer Flynn,

The no bullsh*t, balance maven who turns overwhelmed, high-achievers into successful, focused, happy, and fulfilled people who wake up excited to make everyday their own! 
I help busy workaholics who are ready to radically transform their life by unlocking the power they have inside and putting them back in the drivers seat! 
Life was beating me for years, until I learned the 7 secrets I share in the Balance YOUniversity, and did a complete 180° turnaround –  living life by my design!

You can too.

Unlock your Balance Today