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Are you tired of feeling like your professional and personal lives are separate entities warring for your attention? Wasn’t paving your own road, bravely starting your own business, supposed to give you more time, more ease, more freedom? Not less?

I understand, because I have been where you are. I know the indescribable depth of overwhelm that trying to lead and nurture both a successful business AND home can create. The feelings of frustration, lack, doubt, and never-enoughness that can creep in. How far you start to feel from the dream that led you to step boldly into this unknown in the first place, and how that distance leads to a sense of uncertainty? Was it all too good to be true?

Here is the simple truth: the life you dreamed of when you started is not a fantasy. It’s the very real nourishment your truest self knows and craves.

Soul + Strategy are the ingredients.



The simple answer is: you carry it within you. It’s written into the fibers of your very soul.

And right about now, you might be rolling your eyes and wishing you could find someone who could finally give you a straight answer. Enough of this vague ‘just know thyself’ crap. Where are the answers? The tangible, actionable steps that will actually make a difference?!

If you’re not, then you’re a more patient Maven or Master than I. You see, when I was at my most unbalanced, juggling being a mom of three and scaling a business, forever torn between the two and feeling the tension of being half-present — the guilt and split-attention from knowing you could always be doing something for the other — I was ravenous for answers. And I didn’t have the time to tentatively suss them out with wishy-washy methods.

So, I did what had to be done. I tried it all. I failed spectacularly — earning my stripes (literally…those white statement-making streaks in my hair are not an aesthetic choice but rather a surprise from mother nature and a testament to the years I spent exploring the edges, the extremities, and everything in between so that I might truly know what it takes to cultivate balance).

Then I became the very thing I had once sought out — an intuitive guide with strategic answers.

A Balance Maven®


Regardless of where you are in life or business, and who you are as a human, I have found that balance universally requires two key ingredients: soul and strategy.

The correct ratio and the components to create them are different for each of us. That is why no two balance recipes will ever look identical. Therefore, it becomes essential to explore your own needs, desires, and boundaries. You must reacquaint yourself with your dream, re-establishing the original vision that set this all in motion, and then break it down into the core components and steps to make the dream a reality.

As I’ve demonstrated, this work can take years without strategic guidance and knowing what the essential questions are. So, to save you years (and overnight hair transformations), I have taken the core wisdom and created two self-led eight week programs.


I’m an overworked, overwhelmed entrepreneur whose personal life is a sparkly illusion between moments of hustle.
I’m a mindful and successfully functioning human, but my business is at a standstill — coasting while I’m growing.


My eight-week program to go from overwhemed & overworked to present & thriving — a course for restoring soul in your recipe of balance. 

In this program, you will learn my seven steps to achieving true personal satisfaction. The kind that only comes from understanding what it is that truly brings you joy, dismantling the stories that tell you you can’t have it, and finally integrating the boundaries necessary to achieve it.

This is a course dedicated to helping you find and savour the best moments life has to offer, guilt free.


You’re struggling with burnout and overwhelm that’s leaving you a crispy husk, too fried to enjoy the life you created your business to support

You crave more time, but don’t know how to carve it out for yourself
You’re excellent at saying yes to the needs of everyone around you, particularly your clients, but you have yet to fully say yes to your own needs

You’re ready to build an intentional community of people who support your dream and respect the boundaries it takes to operate
You crave a mindset that empowers you instead of berates you

You’re ready to run your business efficiently, so you can enjoy the rest abundantly

I have participated in several of Jennifer’s workshops and also heard her advice to others in networking groups. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales and business strategy. She also brings in her intuition to help make suggestions that best fit the person she is addressing. She helps people tailor their sales approach to align with their values and help them present themselves and their services in an authentic manner.

— Judy Kane
Psych K Practitioner, Aligned Consciousness


My eight-week program to go from difficult sales and enrollment conversations to opening relationships with ease and grace vs ‘closing deals’ — a course for restoring confidence and treating sales as heart centered, soulful service

We all know in true Balance Maven fashion your business is simply a reflection of your soul’s fullest expression and vehicle for a lifestyle you love to live. In my ‘Intuitive Business Atlas ™, I talk about the 9 elements I believe to be necessary to having a thriving, soul fulfilling, purpose driven business. I believe there is one element in particular that has the greatest power to ensure your business is not just an expensive hobby. It is “Sales'” or what we like to call “Money Conversations”.

In this 8 week program, you will learn the art of making sales succinctly and successfully. Efficient sales are the key to a business with scalability and sustainability. A business that leaves you with more time and more money for what matters.
This is a course dedicated to helping you build a business with more growth, more profits, and more freedom.


You understand what fulfillment looks like for you, but your business just isn’t helping you get it

You’re great at what you do, but you’re not sure how to sell it

You desire more time for what really matters to you, but your business isn’t providing the resources (read: time & money honey) that it takes to get it

You’re tired of feeling icky and uncomfortable whenever you try to share what it is you do with the people that, you know deep down, need it

You are ready for a solid strategy with systems and processes that are repeatable and allow you to feel authentic and in your truth while having money conversations that help others know their worth and invest in themselves

I really enjoyed working with Jennifer Flynn. She was able to immediately zero-in on what I needed to work on and was also very compassionate and empowering. I love that she was able to “read me” immediately. I enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly for business coaching.

— Ellen Silverman
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR, MCNE at Compass

Fun facts to know and tell/ FAQ

Much like it sounds I provide clear and effective business strategy that is rooted in your soul’s purpose and calling. I have the unique ability to tap into your higher self and gather wisdom that you may not yet see or feel like you have access to…or simply can’t articulate clearly. It’s just a feeling that you can’t quite get out. I can offer it to you to craft an aligned mission and vision followed by a clear path to execution. We create step by step plans of action all energetically aligned with your core values and true north so that not only does it feel right, its easier to act toward. You are pulled forward by it vs feeling like you are pushing a boulder up a hill all day.

I have two specific gifts: A finely tuned, multi sensory intuition alongside a strong and experienced strategic/cerebral mind. I have the ‘thinks’ AND the ‘feels’. Most coaches have a greater depth in one over the other. In me, these two gifts work in unison to create an experience that begins with the end in mind and opens a container for your soul’s calling to be heard and then put into step by step purposeful action. I create programming with intimate numbers that favor individuation, depth and high touch over sameness, generic ‘best practices’ business strategy and so many people you get lost among the crowd. The result is aligned goals that allow you to feel accomplished without the dreaded overwhelm.

1. Your business is a container for your soul. It is an expression of you. If it is not fully expressed neither are you…and visa versa

2. Integrity before loyalty. Do the right thing, always and in all ways. Loyalty comes as a byproduct.

3. An inconvenient truth is always better communicated than a lie. Be honest…even when (especially when) it sucks.

4. Loving but not lenient. I take a fierce stand for everyone I work with and their achievement of their greatest potential and hold that space for them even if they can’t yet see it or hold it for themselves.

5. High standards. If you don’t have time or energy to do it right, when o you have time to do it over? Quality matters

6. Everything is energy. You can be its master or it can be yours

7. You can be the example in life or you can be the warning.

8. We live in the results of our actions…there are no exceptions. I am here to help you make choices that are the greatest reflection of you, and live in the beautiful result.

9. You are always the best investment you can make. Always bet on you!

Spiritually aligned entrepreneurs or those that identify as ‘small business’ owners who are in a service based business models. Something they have a passion for or feel a calling toward. 

– How do I know if I am a ‘spiritual’ entrepreneur? 

Spiritual development and curiosity is every bit as important to you as business strategy. You may or may not have intuitive gifts of their own. I have many clients who do and who don’t…but they all have deep value for mine and appreciate the ‘knowing’ that feels like their own truth spoken to them as it affords them clarity and validation of purpose so they can take inspired action with deep motivation.

They are truth tellers and high integrity people doing what is right even when no one is looking. They are the difference makers, the catalysts for change, the challengers of the status quo, the trail blazers, the mavericks, the mystics, and the scholars.

Other client qualities:

– Have a sense of humor

– Play nice with others

– Are passionate about their work and play

– Seek more freedom

Let’s also get the gender thing out of the way. There are those that cater specifically to men or women. I have been told forever, across many mentors and coaches, I needed to pick a lane…..”for ‘effective marketing’ …blah blah blah”. That’s cool….but not for me. Hopefully you noticed my language is gender neutral. I do not specifically cater to masculine or feminine energy exclusively. We all need both ( and I am blessed to successfully work with both). It’s not your body parts that matter to me, It’s your brain and your spirit. Whatever you identify with…you can be at home here.

I believe in protecting the integrity of my community…both personally and professionally. We are the sum of the people we most often surround ourselves with. So that means I don’t work with:

– People who hate all forms of swearing. I don’t use F bombs like a comma or anything, but we have a lot of adult conversations and swearing happens (like in the next line)

…and quite frankly sometimes a well placed swear word can be a powerful sentence enhancer….or in a rough moment makes you feel better. I believe in free speech and don’t sensor my clients…or apparently myself too much 😉

– Assholes. Yup. I said it. I have a no asshole policy.

Who qualifies as such? 

– Chronic bitchers and complainers.

– Bullies.

– People who ridicule one another, make rude remarks, employ disrespectful communication tactics and generally shame others AKA ‘mean people’

That about covers it.

This means you don’t have to be in the company of these characters either and can expect a high vibing, supportive, like minded spirit tribe.

The short answer? That depends on you. We do not employ a cookie cutter approach to our clients. Every business is as unique as the individual at its helm. We have a variety of programs to meet you where you are and make your dreams a reality. You get to choose based on your goals and what level of connection and support you prefer. We have a variety of creative ways to source the investment so you can spread out the finances without spreading out the results.

And guess what?? This is a tax deduction/business expense!

Lifestyle programming through the soul track is a great place to start and you can also apply for 1:1 mentorship to create a customized experience to reach your goals. I often work with high functioning individuals who need more soul support than business strategy. Fill out the contact form to inquire or grab a seat on my calendar and let’s chat about it!

The best place to start in this case is to reach out via the contact form. Grab a spot on the calendar and let’s chat and see what feels like the best next step.

You are still here. 😉 If you have read through my website and gotten this far….I’m probably for you. Fill out the contact form or grab a seat on my calendar for a chat! Let’s explore and see what we kind of match we are.