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“I absolutely loved working with Jennifer Flynn. I had little experience with the type of phone sales I wanted to do, but Jenn told me she thought I had potential and that she would do everything she could to help me develop my skills. She believed in me, which helped me believe in myself. In a sales role, self-confidence is key. In the beginning, she listened to all my calls and during our meetings, we deconstructed them. What worked, what didn’t work and how I could do better next time. As I got more experience she taught me how to avoid pitfalls and then how to steer the conversation back to where it needed to be if I happened to stumble into one. And she did all this in a very positive, warm and supportive way. I always looked forward to our conversations because I knew the more she taught me, the more successful I would be. I highly recommend Jennifer Flynn as a coach, team leader, mentor and in any role that requires skill, intuition, dedication and an all-around stellar human being.”

– LaRue Stanley

“Jenn Flynn has the keys to the sales kingdom. I learned so much from this short class about selling – both strategically and soulfully. Jenn’s mindset of selling from a place of caring about people is what sets this class apart from any other masterclass out there.”

– Beth Ellen

Prior to working with her, I had a difficult time over coming objections even if I had the right person (prospect) in front of me. My closing ratio, as a result of that, was measly. After working with Jennifer, she made it very clear that I was leaving way too much money on the table, because I was not asking very simple and direct questions that made the prospect see the value that I was presenting them. She told me that I had to put it in a way that they would make the decision to work with me, themselves without me having to convince them. Once we worked together to have this line of questioning match my business, it became a lot easier to close the sale. Since working with Jennifer, my confidence has skyrocketed and As I write this,I am now closing at double what I was previously, and that is steadily rising. Working with Jennifer has made a huge difference in my bottom-line and has made an impact in my ability to scale my business. Thanks Jennifer… You are the real deal.  

– Frank Demming, Local Business Marketing Solutions:

Jenn has a ton of practical advice! She’s given me lots of great information to help me with my business.

– Judy Kane, Aligned Consiousness:


I love how Jennifer articulates concepts. I find her approach brilliant! I feel cared for & respected in all my interactions with her.

– Joanna Wnorowski-Pecaro

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING. Best training course I’ve attended in 32 years of courses, books and tapes.
Expertly and entertainingly presented. This lady really knows her Onions.

– Julian Robus – Inner Peace Master at

“Jenn is an amazing coach and sales trainer. Since working with Jenn , I have shot to the top of my field as a high-end coaching sales closer.
Because of her sales training and coaching I have so much ease with closing sales both for myself and for my clients.
Working with Jenn was life changing and I highly recommend her.” 

– Johnilee W.

Join this FREE advanced training. Seats are Limited!

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