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For heart centered, service oriented business owners the sales conversation can be a dreaded part of business.  You know it is necessary, but sometimes it can feel so ….can we say ‘icky’?

We struggle because we want to serve, we want connection, we want the people who come to our table to be seen and heard and feel understood.  We are often taught that in order to get the ‘Yes’ there is at least some point in the process if they object, in order to work through it, we will have to get pushy.

What if I told you that wasn’t true? What if I said…there is an easy, consistent, soulful way to engage in this conversation that makes you AND your prospective client feel amazing and instead of ‘closing a deal’….you open a relationship?

It’s possible….but not accidental.

What you need is an approach that honors your own authentic voice, a process that is repeatable and customizable so it doesn’t feel scripty or rehearsed, but professional, consistent, and easy to execute.

You want them to feel so honored that they can’t help but ask YOU how you can work together.

In this masterclass you will come to understand (and believe) that sales truly is service…when done right, where you are getting in your own way, and what tools you need to pull it all off with ease and grace while staying true to yourself.

This is for you if…

  • You are an entrepreneur who provides a service
  • You want to take a heart centered approach to every interaction
  • You want to show your clients how much you care…not just tell them
  • You struggle with fear of sounding sales-ey or being pushy
  • You want a better start to finish process that takes the pressure off of you …and them.
  • You want to maximize the potential for your advertising and marketing investment

This is not for you if…

  • You are looking for a way to manipulate or coerce people
  • You want to skip the connection and just get to the sale
  • You care only about the numbers and conversions
  • You don’t want to have to change anything you are currently doing to get better results