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Jennifer Flynn is the epitome of “what you see is what you get.” She has made it her mission to practice first what she teaches so she can coach with authenticity and integrity, and she swirls it with humor and personality making her the perfect blend of a balanced coach, mentor, friend and drill sergeant. Professionally and personally Jennifer is in a league all to herself yet she makes you feel as if you’re the only other person in the world when she’s with you.

Jennifer is truly the real deal.

— Danica Trebel

Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach ,Speaker Trainer

I really enjoyed working with Jennifer Flynn. She was able to immediately zero-in on what I needed to work on and was also very compassionate and empowering. I love that she was able to “read me” immediately. I enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly for business coaching.

— Ellen Silverman

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR, MCNE at Compass

I have participated in several of Jennifer’s workshops and also heard her advice to others in networking groups. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales and business strategy. She also brings in her intuition to help make suggestions that best fit the person she is addressing. She helps people tailor their sales approach to align with their values and help them present themselves and their services in an authentic manner.

— Judy Kane

Psych K Practitioner, Aligned Consciousness

If you want to know exactly how to get from where you are now to strategically balancing personal and professional goals, then Jenn is the guide for you. She has years of expertise that she draws upon as well as her natural spot on intuition. I recently worked with Jenn through a Half Day Intensive to create a new program. In 4 hours we were able to clearly articulate the exact plan to make it happen. Jenn is the coach you need in your corner if you are ready for massive growth.

– Nettie Owens
Founder and CEO at Momentum

Jennifer is a great listener and is able to sift through the chaos to bring to the surface key diamonds to work on and focus. Jennifer just seems to know what to provide as insights and inputs to help you discover what you need to learn, and to help you zero in on skills or knowledge you need to hone and explore. Jennifer is a very approachable and non-judging person making it easy to have a conversation and help get to the real items at hand. Thank you Jennifer for having my back and always being open, honest and real.

— Alan Wallner

Branding Expert at Conscious Branding

Jennifer’s incandescent clarity and great humor are the perfect combination to help me not only see the path but feel completely energized to run down it. She’s a great coach!

– Lisa Pouslon

Jennifer is an awesome Business Coach & Strategist. She is very attentive to your needs, she cares about getting you results and she is very knowledgeable. I would recommend working with her if you want to partner with someone who is heart-centered who wants to see you succeed.

— Nadine Mullings
CEO + Founder, Nadine Mullings Marketing Agency

I connected with Jennifer in June 2016 for a business strategy call. I found her genuineness and integrity to be in line with mine. This allowed me to gain perspective and great insights to assess the direction in which to take my practice. One can easily remain “asleep” at times once routine sets in. The call with Jenn definitely woke me up to find my focus again, set a plan of action for the current year not only for guidance but also to grow my business. I would definitely recommend anyone for her service and expertise.

– Claudine Romain
Commercial Real Estate Accounting Consultant

For many years, I have hired coaches and mentors. And now, I am also in the practice of being a consultant & coach. Working with Jenn is the best coaching experience I have had, bar none! She doesn’t stop at asking me my perspective, she offers concrete actionable advice, with heartfelt enthusiasm!

As a solopreneur, I find true, high quality outside support can be a rarity. My experience of Jenn is that she believes in me at a deep level. She shares excitement and joy at successes and progress.

My most recent call with this intelligent, life-giving, supportive professional left me physically vibrating at a high frequency, attracting new business, tearing up at simple beauty and confident in the rightness of the next steps to revamp my business models and do what I’ve come here to do!

— Betsy Hall
Bridges Leader Coach at Bridges

Jennifer is professional efficient and has a calming energy around her that no matter what you’re going through it is released the moment you speak to her. Thank you Jennifer for changing lives and transforming businesses.

– Cynthia Jean Mary
CEO at New LIfe Homecare
I wish to express my unreserved recommendation for Jennifer Flynn in any organization that requires mature leadership and a skillful grasp of business and strategy. Jennifer spent over a year working with us to develop a sales department at Uplevel You. Needless to say, creating anything from scratch is challenging, but, Jennifer met each challenge head on, with clarity, organization, precision, and poise. Each of those traits is a benefit of itself, but, what will endear you to Jennifer (just the way it has for us) is her willingness to give every last ounce of herself to ensure your project is done right, done completely, and done with excellence. On a more personal note, Jennifer frequently served as a sounding board, coach, and counselor for me in my role at Uplevel, providing insightful advice interspersed with an appropriate amount of comedic relief throughout many highly charged situations. In short, Jennifer will be a hard working, lynch-pin asset in whatever organization she chooses! Just pray she chooses yours! 😉
— Andrew Zetterholm

I have greatly enjoyed working with Jenn. She is whip-smart and strategic while being loving, thoughtful, and supportive. Jenn is quick and responsive to every need and feedback that has given me the support that I’ve needed to grow myself and my business.

– Bailey Fruman

MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist & Lifestyle Design Coach

Bailey new
For years by business ran me and now I manage the business. Jenn was instrumental in helping me make the transition from distress to success. I have more free time, I am making more profit, I delegate better, and I enjoy running my business again. Whatever time and money you invest, the benefits will far surpass the expense.
— Chris Klein
Owner, Christopher Klein Construction, Inc.

I’ve know Jenn for years. When we first met I was a young entrepreneur with potential that needed direction, she helped me to focus on my goals and build me up, with her encouragement.  I now have the leadership skills to motivate my team to accomplish my professional vision.

She is simply a wonderfully gifted spirit and it is with gratitude that I recommend her for your journey!

– Scott D. Anderson
Gentle Dental Care
Scott new

I have had the great pleasure to work with Jenn in a professional office in the past. Still, to this day, I have felt continually supported in developing my skills. I once lacked the tools needed to effectively serve a request and I found it to be very frustrating to not communicate what it was that I really wanted to say. When asking for help, Jenn was so responsive in sharing her experience, and then the ways to use appropriate and correct verbiage to help me work through this roadblock. What I discovered was that I couldn’t provide my skills and talents because I was not actually listening very well!! After talking with Jenn, It helped change how I was looking at someone. It helped change the way I paid attention to my own body language. It helped me to be able to relate to someone’s needs and visualize what they were seeing. My service to the community has been rewarding without end. My focus and dedication in my work and personal relationships have improved from my visits and talks with Jenn. I am grateful for her knowledge, experience, and non-judgement.

— Tracy Harty

Jennifer’s quick wit, and sharp insight makes her a joy to work with. She has an incredible capacity for finding efficiencies and quickly identifying roadblocks in business systems and processes in a manner that seems effortless. I have seen her apply her talents equally in the world of personal development coaching as well. Don’t let Jenn’s engaging personality fool you! She is not for the weak of heart or intent. She is direct and honest, because she loves helping people and seeing them grow into their capacity – via the shortest path to their improved result.

– Boyd Pederson
Financial Advisor
Boyd new

The best takeaway was to hear a professional understand me and enunciate my struggle and outlook for success as well as you had. Which lead me to feel relief, appreciated, valued and most of all, empathized. That’s a rare feeling to get from close friends and relatives, let alone someone I just met on the phone who heard me speak for about 30 minutes. I cherish that. That – itself, freed my head from staying stuck. Like sitting in a pond of muck, I had most people stop by, look at me in the pond, shake their head, shrug their shoulders and walk away. You walked by, sat close to me, and empathized. It allowed me to breathe, stand up, and get out of the murky pond. Now I’m walking over to the stream, and your guidance in just one simple email helped me to take the step I needed. I don’t want to be in the pond. I have to be in the stream. It will take me everywhere, and cleanse me. I appreciate your catching my “limitations” versus “opportunities”. That was great and it keeps me aligned with my true nature of finding the gold in the earth. I celebrate your championing me where necessary and mentoring when needed. It was really a needed time that I am forever grateful to you for providing me.

— Anita Meyers
InnerScope Consulting

Jennifer is outstanding and competent in multiple dimensions. She is skilled at dissecting an organization and leader(s) in an efficient, yet thorough manner and developing strategies and recommendations that bring results. She has an outstanding ability to ask the right questions that elicit critical information that brings clarity and focus to the organization and the leadership. Jennifer’s skills, experience and warm personality are accentuated with high positive energy and enthusiasm.

– Greg Waggoner
Director of Athletics, Eastern New Mexico University
Greg new
Let me be real with you… Jennifer Flynn is a POWERHOUSE of wisdom, strategy, and know how. There are few people I can name that I have learned so much from. Jenn is amazing at finding the right words at the right time, at helping to develop unique but effective strategy to getting business on track, and at gently and lovingly, yet fiercely, looking below the surface of any situation to find new insight and opportunities to learn. Jenn can do wonders. I have seen them myself.
— Justina Prenatt
Clover Heart Concepts

Hey there! You’re probably thinking about working with Jennifer Flynn as a coach and I can’t recommend her enough. My name is Susie Mordoh and I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur. You might think what does that mean, well, I’m an event planner turn personal development coach was a little bit of a specialty and Fitness and Nutrition and I’m also an author and creator of a deck. The reason why I mention it’s not because it’s about me but because of what Jenn attract the type of people and how she coaches, I work with a lot of coaches over the years and they very often. I’ll tell you, you just need to stay in your lane and do one thing and it’s really hard for me. So Jenn really try to dig into what are you most aligned with and focuses they are why are so she called the Balance Maven, right? So if you’re thinking about doing one of these three day Retreat I will tell you it’s fantastic to kind of get out of your business work on it, instead of in it. If you want to hear more from Susie Mordoh just click here.

– Susie Mordoh

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

I have found Jennifer’s greatest assets to be her superior leadership and communication skills, her uncanny emotional intelligence and her ability to empathize with people and quickly build trusting personal relationships.

– Ned Targos

I thank you very much for the encouragement and the coaching session; it was an invaluable experience for me. Your questions, intuition and checking-in were timely and appropriate.

— Asante E.

I turned to Jennifer for help with my job. I had very little support or appreciation from my job and needed someone with direct experience who could be my sounding board and help me make decisions more easily. She has been that and so much more. Not long after signing up to work with Jennifer, my personal life needed to be a higher priority than work. Jennifer changed focus easily. She has been instrumental in saving my sense of well being and in strengthening my marriage and relationship with my children. Unlike therapists that I have worked with in the past, Jennifer comes to our conversations with specific tools that help me every day. Jennifer has so many ideas that she brings forward and backs them up with real life experiences that I can easily apply to situations in my life. Jennifer is such a big help for me that I look forward to our conversations and doing the homework that we set at those meetings.

– J.O.

It has been a pleasure for me to work with Jennifer to get the support and direction I need from a life coach. The first time I spoke with her, I was impressed by her deep listening skills and her gentle yet direct way of asking questions that helped me to have a clearer picture of what I was experiencing.

During our work together, Jennifer helps me work through confusing and challenging situations, not with pressure, but rather with complete trust in my ability to find the answers that I seek. I am most grateful that she allows me to grow at my own pace and is always encouraging and supportive. I truly believe that the service that Jennifer provides is an expression of her unique gifts as opposed to her simply doing a job. Her deep care and concern for her clients makes her a wonderful person to have on one’s support team, and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a life coach.

— Jasmin H.