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You should not have to choose whether you experience gratification in work or life. You are allowed to want both career success AND spiritual fulfillment. In fact, I believe a business in its optimum manifestation is a soul container for the fullest expression of you. Your truth, your needs, your gifts, your passion, your dreams. Your business is simply an extension of the purest essence of you. And with the right strategies, your business becomes the facilitator for a life you love to live. So if your best self, business, and life are all dependent upon soul and strategy… You deserve a coach with insight on both.
Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a certified coach and balance expert on a mission to serve spiritual seekers and service-based entrepreneurs
I did not come by my balance expertise easily. In fact, my insatiable curiosity and resilient spirit seem to have become an open invitation to the Universe for the brutal exploration of my edges. I have known proper imbalance and rapid oscillation across a number of life’s metaphorical scales. As a result, I have come to understand balance as a foundational pillar of existence. When we master balance, we find the freedom to live as our best selves in our best lives. And my experiences have led me to discover that balance is not a stagnant point to be maintained but rather that balance and imbalance can both be intentional and necessary in their own right.
Balance is a rhythm, a dance, and if mastered, it is the key to a successful business and fulfilling life experience.
Through my uniquely balanced approach that combines an omnipresent intuitive gift with experienced-informed strategies, I help clients overcome the imbalances operating in their own lives and tip the scales in their favor in order to realise their soul-inspired end goal and the steps to get there.



The years spent exploring my edges, awakening my spiritual gift, and uncovering the truth about balance combined with the experiences of starting, scaling and managing a multiple six and seven figure business has given me the insight to offer an unparalleled approach. My approach has allowed me to coach and train corporate businesses and entrepreneurs for over a decade. I have helped thousands of curious minds find their truth + purpose and generate millions in revenue in the process.

All of this has been made possible thanks to my keen ability to cut through the bullshit to get to the magic. Because, let’s face it, a lot of spiritual and career paths are characterised by detours and doubling-backs and down-right mistakes. And wouldn’t it be nice to skip over those chapters?

I am not a coach who operates by trial and error. I do not want you to throw something at the wall, hope it sticks, and come back to me when it doesn’t. You don’t have to learn from mistakes, because I believe triumphs can be just as informative. And through the use of my intuitive gift, a combination of highly-developed sensorial abilities that past clients have affectionately dubbed the ‘Clair’s, I am able to surmise your Highest self — the version of you in optimum success as defined by your spiritual needs, gifts, and desires. And with this end goal made tangible, I am able to pull from my vast strategic insight to break it up into actionable steps. No guesswork. No self-doubt.

Just an empowered path to a successful business and a fulfilling life.

I am a self-starter looking for expert-led programs on leading a soulful life and a strategic business
I’m an entreprenuer or corporate leader looking for intuitive and actionable 1:1 mentorship
I’m a business owner looking for accountability & guidance in finding my unique recipe for balance

Jennifer Flynn is the epitome of “what you see is what you get.” She has made it her mission to practice first what she teaches so she can coach with authenticity and integrity, and she swirls it with humor and personality making her the perfect blend of a balanced coach, mentor, friend and drill sergeant. Professionally and personally Jennifer is in a league all to herself yet she makes you feel as if you’re the only other person in the world when she’s with you.

Jennifer is truly the real deal.

— Danica Trebel