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Jennifer Flynn

Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a certified coach and balance expert on a mission to serve spiritual seekers and service-based entrepreneurs.

I have been coaching spiritual awakening & awakened entrepreneurs for over a decade, and before that I was building and managing six and seven figure businesses. The success I have personally realised and helped thousands of clients achieve is thanks to a carefully and intentionally designed approach that combines experience-informed strategy with an omnipresent intuitive gift. In other words, I combine the practical and the mystical to offer an unparalleled coaching experience. Through my programs, writing, and 1:1 work, I help you find clarity around the personally and professionally integrated vision of your Highest Self and develop feasible, actionable steps to reach it. Basically, I provide clarity, confidence and connection with lots of magic and zero bullshit.



I offer three programs. An eight week Sales Mastery Training for entrepreneurs, An eight week Balanced Work + Life Mastery, and a twelve month Business Mastery Intensive.

My programs are the perfect blend of intentional mentorship and community integration. They provide a chance to tap deeply into your own essence and build business + life habits around your unique balance needs. Simultaneously, they also offer the opportunity to learn and develop alongside kindred spirits and inspiring

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Eager for a more tailored and personal approach to self-exploration and growth? I also offer 1:1 coaching and mentorship. Through hour long calls, I help my clients first in realising their true potential and purpose in the form of their Highest Self, and then in becoming him/her through practical, actionable steps.
By fusing soul and strategy, I make sure that we tend to the entity at the very heart of your business — you. Your calling is so much more than how you turn a profit. And I’m here to help you realize it (while also ensuring you find financial abundance along the way).
I offer 30 Minute Intuitive Readings for prospective clients. Inquire below.
Sometimes it really takes a proper deep-dive to kick-start the journey of restoring balance to your work and life. That is why I offer an opportunity for a half-day or whole-day private intensive.
Similar to my coaching approach, we blend soul + strategy by first intuitively constructing the image of your Highest Self and then constructing an entire roadmap to your unique version of success. These days are dedicated to ensuring you start your transformational journey on the right foot, and can be followed up with coaching or Business Mastery to ensure accountability and support in implementing the plan we develop. Inquire below.

what to look out for...

A FREE Masterclass for the intuitive and the curious. A wonderful opportunity to get familiar with my coaching + teaching style while also learning practical tools for reaching more ideal clients while simultaneously raising your bottom line. Space is limited. Grab your seat for the next session here.

Are you looking for a community of like-minded, intuitive business owners to hold you accountable and discuss the ins and outs (and witchy tidbits) of running a successful business? Join the Afternoon Club, an inclusive gathering that takes places three Mondays a month and is the perfect space to commune with kindred spirits while engaging in a dynamic conversations facilitated by The Balance Maven herself. Click here to join us for the next one.


Ready to really dive deep into the process of restoring balance and form a community of inquisitive entrepreneurs on the same mission? Then keep an eye out for the Balance Mastery course. This is a group course that covers the seven key steps and all of the accompanying tools and techniques to awaken true balance and success in your life by first restoring you. Drop below to stay up to date on when we release the next class.

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