That magical, illusive state of perfect balance is something we’re all searching for. That just right amount of both work and play, strategy and soul, class and sass. It can be hard to uncover, but the good news is, you don’t have find it on your own. Calling all clarity seekers, money-makers, and spiritual-awakeners to join me, Jennifer Flynn: The Balance Maven® specializing in alchemizing curiosity and badassery into personal and professional success, in conversation. Because it’s about time you got clarity, confidence and connection with lots of magic and zero bullshit.

Riffing on Realness™

Carla Royal, a mindset and performance coach working with high achieving entrepreneurs, and Jennifer Flynn, an intuitive business strategist join forces to have real, unfiltered and unscripted conversations. If you are wrestling with how to be real in the midst of rampant superficiality and it’s causing you to overthink, be too guarded, and not live your potential, then you are in the right place.
In this podcast, Jennifer and Carla explore how, dropping the masks, being real and vulnerable, can help us connect, adapt, and find a richness of experience amid life’s chaos.

Sleazy, slimy and downright gross…SELL has become a 4 letter swear word for spiritual business owners.  But does it have to be?
What if we viewed sales as service?  What if we understood that walking them through this process is our greatest gift to those we serve?

Sales doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you need a shower in the worst way.  In fact, it shouldn’t.

Join us in conversation where we talk about how to open what Jenn likes to call ‘The Buyer’s Gate TM’ so you can usher in the people you are divinely contracted to serve and successfully navigate your own conversations. With a heart centered process that opens relationships vs closes deals, you and your prospective clients/customers win. It’s time to understand those you serve in a deeper way.  We will demystify what makes your buyers tick, how to meet them where they are and get them what THEY want and need.  You no longer have to worry that you are selling yourself…because you’re not!
We make it easy to harness everything that makes you uniquely you and weave it into a warm and effective process that keeps you in integrity and without pressure.

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Life’s little teeter totter….back and forth we go always trying to find the right recipe for having, doing and being it all.  Sometimes there are seasons of life where it feels like a recipe for burnout!

Calling all achiever’s, doers and both end candle burners. Grab a cup of tea (or your favorite adult beverage) and let’s have a chat.  In these conversations we unpack  the myths and the mysteries keeping us from having our cake and eating it too. Through Jenn’s recipe for balance, via her 7 step Balance BluePrint TM, we’ll get clear on why having both personal and professional fulfillment is oh so important but ever elusive…and how to get it. With guest experts and the wisdom and counsel of many, we explore the soul, the strategy, and the spirit of living as a human being vs a human doing.

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Your business is a vehicle for the life you love to live.  It is a container for your soul’s work.  In an ideal world, it should feel harmonious and balanced, like the most beautiful extension of you…inside and out.  (insert record scratching)….but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows is it? Being an entrepreneur is HARD. Being one when you have a heart of service and want everyone to be happy even at the cost of your own profits and freedom…sledgehammer hard.  

Calling all truth tellers., difference makers, seekers. Join us for clarity on what Jenn calls the ‘9 Elements of Masterful Business’. In these conversations we lead you on journey of discovery. It takes us all standing in our truth, answering our calling and coming forth with what we have to offer, shining brighter and being seen in bigger ways than we ever have before.  We blend sass with class and likely a little bit of swearing to embark on doing business YOUR way. No more cookie cutter strategies that shout sameness. Your soul didn’t come here for sameness. This is not inside the box business talk….We don’t do one size fits all….we do one size fits YOU.

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