9 Elements of a Healthy Business

Running a business is not easy.  In fact it’s not just hard… sometimes sledgehammer hard.  It can be hard to know sometimes where to focus, what area needs attention and how to keep yourself as a priority when some many things are calling for your attention.  We become human doings vs human beings and lose our balance, when things fall out of harmony in the multi faceted aspects of our lives.  I have been no stranger to these multidirectional shifts. With many years of working with other business owners I have found there to be 9 elements of business, that if functioning optimally, create harmony in both the strategy of the business but also in the soul of the business’ owner.  I call it my 

Intuitive Business Atlas


Sounds a bit magical doesn’t it?


It kind of is.  If each of these elements is doing what is intended you will have both income and impact.


Here is your introduction to all 9 elements:

  1. Mindset

  2. Mission

  3. Marketing

  4. Money conversations…aka Sales

  5. Mechanisms and means

  6. Momentum

  7. Monetization

  8. Measuring 

  9. Mentorship

It doesn’t mean that they are linear. These do not have to be addressed in order, but I do find one paves the way for the next. That line can fold into a circle and begin at a known pain point and work the way around.  In the coming posts, we will explore each one of these elements. It’s important to see how all of these elements, while each function alone with their own components, work synergistically.


In future writings we will explore each of these elements in more depth.


Also keep your eyes peeled for how to get your own Intuitive Business Atlas™ to analyze your business and address the elements that need your attention.


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