The BalanceCast™

Life’s little teeter totter….back and forth we go always trying to find the right recipe for having, doing and being it all.  Sometimes there are seasons of life where it feels like a recipe for burnout!

Calling all achiever’s, doers and both end candle burners. Grab a cup of tea (or your favorite adult beverage) and let’s have a chat.  In these conversations we unpack  the myths and the mysteries keeping us from having our cake and eating it too. Through Jenn’s recipe for balance, via her 7 step Balance BluePrint TM, we’ll get clear on why having both personal and professional fulfillment is oh so important but ever elusive…and how to get it. With guest experts and the wisdom and counsel of many, we explore the soul, the strategy, and the spirit of living as a human being vs a human doing.

Already know you want more balance in your life? 
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Summary about the podcast (Quick)


Summary about the podcast (Quick)

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Summary about the podcast (Quick)

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