The Spiritual Sales™ Podcast

Sleazy, slimy and downright gross…SELL has become a 4 letter swear word for spiritual business owners.  But does it have to be?
What if we viewed sales as service?  What if we understood that walking them through this process is our greatest gift to those we serve?

Sales doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you need a shower in the worst way.  In fact, it shouldn’t.

Join us in conversation where we talk about how to open what Jenn likes to call ‘The Buyer’s Gate TM’ so you can usher in the people you are divinely contracted to serve and successfully navigate your own conversations. With a heart centered process that opens relationships vs closes deals, you and your prospective clients/customers win. It’s time to understand those you serve in a deeper way.  We will demystify what makes your buyers tick, how to meet them where they are and get them what THEY want and need.  You no longer have to worry that you are selling yourself…because you’re not!
We make it easy to harness everything that makes you uniquely you and weave it into a warm and effective process that keeps you in integrity and without pressure.

Already know you need to implement this in your business? 
Click here to join us in our 8 week immersive experience, A Scaled Strategy™ where we create YOUR sales process and empower you to effortlessly lead others to their best selves.



Summary about the podcast (Quick)


Summary about the podcast (Quick)

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Summary about the podcast (Quick)

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