What is Balance? Is it really what we are all looking for?

So often people wish for more balance in their lives…less work,more play …more love less hate…less stress more freedom…. less guilt about what they are not doing more joy in what they are doing.

The reality is we have to have both to feel the scales from toppling over…and thusly you with it.

But is it this static state of perfection that we must tediously manage at infinitum?

No such thing exists.

Balance is intentional, but typically not accidental

It requires clarity: Clarity of Desire. Clarity of Purpose. Clarity of Action.

It also requires a reality check. There are times that we will have to employ intentional IM-balance to get where we want to go. We will have to skew the scale in one direction or the other with heavier weight. In other words you have to LEAN in for a bit to reach the thing and then come back to center. Sometimes we have to shift our fulcrum point all together.

I often see business owners and high level executives or managers drowning in the imbalance. They don’t know what to tackle first to right the scales. When there is no clear path forward paralysis and overwhelm set in and that translates to inaction….or continuing on out of habit and simply getting more of what they don’t want. That is why Clarity must come first. To be more specific, Clarity of Desire…aka What do you want? If you aren’t first clear on exactly what you want and engineer goals from the ‘right’ place, you will never be able to take thoughtful, strategic and consistent action.

This is the first of a 4 part series. In each subsequent part we will unpack ‘The 3 Clarities’: Clarity of Desire. Clarity of Purpose and Clarity of Action

But First…let’s get clarity on where you are now. What is your BQ (Balance IQ)? Click here to get my free Balance Assessment Toolkit and find out what is throwing off your Fulcrum.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment where we will more deeply unpack the ‘Clarity of Desire’.


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