Running a business is not easy, in fact it is hella-hard. You can get so busy putting out the fires that you wake up one day and wonder.  How did this happen?  I often hear, “It’s always ‘something”.  “There is chaos around every corner”  “How did I get here?” “I don’t even know where to start to get the train on the track let alone all the cars moving in the same direction?!?!?”  “I can’t even think about growing, I am drowning as it is”

We can easily become human doings vs human beings and lose our balance, when things fall out of harmony in the multifaceted aspects of our life and business. I have been no stranger to these multidirectional shifts.

There is a solution.  The key is in knowing what the main elements of your business are…evaluating, and having a clear path to know where to begin.  Once you have forward progress, it’s important to then have tools to diagnose root causes of problems,  how to avoid them in the first place, and understand ‘where to turn the screw’

With many years of working with other business owners I have found there to be 9 elements of business that, if functioning optimally, create harmony in both the strategy of the business but also in the soul of you, its owner.

I call it my Intuitive Business Atlas™

Sounds a bit magical doesn’t it?

Welcome to alchemy in business! When each of these elements is doing what is intended you will have both income AND impact.

Grab your copy of the Intuitive Business Atlas™ today.  You will learn what all 9 elements are, what they impact and with a short series of emails that follow, understand how each one impacts your business and be given a clear path on how you can use them to align the core elements of your business to be a vehicle for a life you love living.  Soul and Strategy that act in concert…not competition.


Nature Always Wins

Transitions….Change….they are not always popular concepts or experiences, though necessary to growth.  In order to grow a seed is required at every level to undergo

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