I call BS….on what it takes to be good at moving people (and I don’t mean with a truck)

I have been having a lot of conversations with entrepreneurs lately about their business…not a shocker given my profession right?!  However, lately I have noticed a pattern erupting.

If you have followed me for very long you know that I LOVE business strategy and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get the most out of their businesses. I love crafting the big vision and then showing them exactly what we need and how to get there. We set this up for them to have lots of passion and enthusiasm while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.  You also know that I put an emphasis on sales as the gateway to your business.

In my recent discussions I have been getting a lot of feedback around the belief  that you have to be an extrovert to be good at sales. Meaning you must be things like a: gregarious, verbose, social loving, mingling, weekend warrior kind of person.  To the contrary, you can’t be great at sales if you tend to be quiet, prefer to stay home with a good book or hugging the wall at a party and keeping a general low profile in the social arena.

The truth is….none of that matters.  Yup…you read that right. It’s all bullshit.  What matters more than if you are an introvert or an extrovert or ambivert…or any ‘vert’ at all is your skill set.  I have seen the most socially apt person suck at sales, and I have seen the quietest wall flower around that you might have mistaken for a deaf mute at a party absolutely glow in a 1:1 conversation.  All you have to do to be good at sales is uplevel your skill set.



Too often when we hear people talk about sales training or skills they immediately feel like they need to take a shower because they immediately get a picture of a scumbag sleazeball who is pushily chasing them around a used car lot.  This could not be further from the truth.

In its purest form it isn’t really about selling at all….it is about moving, motivating and inspiring people through conversation.  We all move people. We move our children to do chores, and homework, and behave and eat vegetables…eventually move out. We move employees to be more productive and take on more responsibility, to be good leaders, etc.  We move our customers and clients to invest in themselves through us and our products or services. We are all in the business of moving and inspiring people.

Sales is nothing more than moving people.  We are moving them to a decision or an action for their highest and greatest good.  Without this ability our business do not reach their fullest potential. Without mastery of this skill, I do not get to use all the other fancy tools in my bag to strategize, leverage and uplevel their business.  Without sales there is no business to grow. Why? Because people have to first say yes and become a buyer of what we offer before we can serve them.

What roadblocks do your prospective buyers run into when trying to move them to take action?

Where do you see yourself struggle in inspiring them in this process?

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming free masterclass to help you uplevel your skill set without feeling sales-ey or pushy.


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