Where are you going?

Every year about this time I create space to spend time to review the year that almost was and plan the one yet to come.  I begin with how I want to feel as I move throughout the year. I am a big fan of the Desire Map process (Danielle Laporte).  Choose the feeling words for how you want to feel and then engineer goals from there. Each year I look at last years words and evaluate how I did at feeling that way and choose how I want to feel followed by goals that are in alignment with attracting those feelings.

Last year, truth be told, I didn’t do so great at staying in line with my desired feelings and got a little wrapped up in the tactical and the needs of others.  It is always good to look back at what worked, what didn’t, and what you would do if you had a do over. This helps create a path to integrate the learning and create new standards for how you operate.

 If you just take the learning without creating a path to applying it you don’t gain true wisdom from the experience.

In looking at what didn’t work this year. I gave a way a lot of time to things that did not move me closer to goals or me desired feelings. I spread myself across more projects and contract clients than I should have when I could have done less better.  As ‘The Balance Maven’ my own personal balance experience is important to me. Truth be told, you cannot authentically lead someone to a place you have never been so I am always pushing the envelope on my own boundaries. It makes me better and that experience gets passed on to my clients.

In the coming year I plan to get back to focusing on how I want to feel, serving in ways that have a greater impact on others and that fill me up vs drain me out.  

How do you want to feel in the coming year?

Where do you want to go in your life and business?

Last week I met with my business mastermind, who also happen to have become my dearest friends, to think bigger and then create the strategy that delivers on those very endeavors.  Bigger visibility my way, my voice, my ‘Soapbox’. Wholeheartedly authentically without apology. MORE REAL and doing it all in less time than I was doing it before so I can have more space to meet the growing needs of my family.

It is amazing to do this planning with people who have a sharp business acumen, big and fiercely loving hearts, with no bullshi, real talk, and a crap ton of fun.  You have to take a hard objective look at the year and all its successes and failures. You have to do it with people who will see you bigger than you see yourself and help you reverse engineer the plan that will take you there step by step. Having the knowledge of what you will achieve is one thing…a solid application of that knowledge is entirely another, and the most important part.  Having accountability from a mentor or tribe is the secret sauce to reaching your destination.  I feel like my crew would piggy back me if necessary. There is no better feeling than having people that you can count on thick and thin, good times and bad rain or shine.

Who are your people?

How will you plan next year?

Start with who you look up to.  Who has things to say that resonate with you?

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