Clarity of Action (part 4 of 4)

In the last installment we talked about your clarity of desire.  It is an important building block for this reading so if you missed if feel free to click here and have a read.  We’ll wait. 😉

This is part 4 of our 4 part series.  You can find the 1st 3 installments here:

1 What is Balance? Is it really what we are all looking for? ( Part 1 of 1)

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These can stand alone, but to maximize the impact (we are all about the impact) we recommend that you read previous posts as they beautifully build upon one another.

In this installment we explore the last of the ‘3 Clarities’…the one that ties them all together and makes it all the more real.  Clarity of Action.

Once we are clear on what we desire and the purpose we serve, we can begin taking aligned action. Being a business owner means we are constantly in the land of competing priorities and entrepreneurs often experience ‘The Curse of Competence’.  Meaning, that we are good at many things and we tend to be people who are great at ‘getting shit done’. The more we do, the more people expect from us.  The more we expect from ourselves. While this is in many ways a gift it is also a curse.  

When we can accomplish a great many things we tend to habituate it.  We allow ‘busy’ to become our habit and our nature. It gets to the point that not being busy can be anxiety provoking.  This can lead to being constantly in motion, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to productivity or action that is aligned with what we most want out of life..

When taking action…it is a mistake to simply just take action for action’s sake.  We must be intentional and take ‘aligned’ action.  It must be action that is aligned with our desires, aligned with our priorities, and aligned our gifts and purpose.

Before we can have ‘Clarity of Action’, we have to get clear on how we currently spend our time and whether those things are getting us closer to our desired outcomes or further from them.  We want to ensure that we are not just being ‘busy’ but actually moving the needle.

It’s also important when taking action to do it in a way that feels good, both with respect to integrity and honoring our innate truth, but also for how you are wired to naturally take action.  The idea with aligned action is to not ‘push the river’.  Operate from a place where you feel pulled forward and inspired to continue and are lit up from within in the doing. Pushing and struggling by force of sheer will power creates a recipe for inconsistency and constant beating oneself up….cue the shame shovel.  It opens the door to a vicious cycle of the grind.

When we create plans that are aligned with our desire and our innate gifts and purpose, action inherently becomes aligned by default.

For this to be most effective, we need to evaluate and take an inventory of where and how we are spending our time.  On what actions are we devoting our most valuable resources of time and attention?

Time and attention are tricky.  Often we feel that we have a limited resource of each.  The truth is it is more often a case of distractibility.  In today’s world there are more sources of distraction, derailment and attention hijacking than ever before.  We cannot control time.  We can only control what we put in time.  Now that we have the other two clarities, we can be strategic and take action toward the things that have the greatest impact on our desired outcomes.  This begins by mindfully taking those actions off the to do list and putting them into time.  If they are not actually scheduled on your calendar for you to sit down and give your focus to, they do not happen … .Hope is not a strategy.  If it doesn’t work on paper it doesn’t work in practice. Once you have determined what actions get you living your purpose and experiencing all you desire, they must find a place in time in order to become real.

Before we can cheat distractibility and hack back our time and take empowered action, we have to first know where our time is going and what it is being spent on.  You can’t be distracted if you don’t first know what you are being distracted from.

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