Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on

Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on




noun: intuition

  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


Why is this important to business? I am so glad you asked.  Many people think of intuition as a ‘soft skill’ and in some circles it doesn’t carry much ‘street cred’.  

In my world it has become an approach to business that isn’t just the soul, but also the strategy.

It creates an experience that is more long term sustainable because we are ensuring integration of both personal and professional fulfillment and really tapping into someone’s full depth and breath so they can play full out.  What does that mean? They get to be WHOLE. A spiritual seeker and a badass business owner.

I spent the early part of my life try to silence it because I felt it made me weird….I have spent the last ½ of my life trying to get it back because I knew how much I needed it and that is was the thing that set me apart.

You see, I didn’t come here for sameness.  I am willing to be you didn’t either.

Clients ask me all the time, how I do what I do…

”How can you know that?” 

“You have the best analogies”

“ You always find the thing behind the thing….the thing I didn’t even know was there” 

“You can hear what I am not saying…I can’t even hear that and I am the one saying it!”   The examples go on.

The short answer?  I have actively cultivated my intuition.  I have actively allowed it to take its place at the front of the line…not the back.  No more hiding in the shadows, no more ‘riding pine’ on the JV bench of the sport that is my life.  It’s too important and it’s too needed. It is the single most important trick I have in my bag when helping my other spiritual seekers and business owners own their own place in the world.  It is these gifts that allow me to see what they don’t see and speak what they haven’t yet heard. It’s like a whisper of their higher self that I turn the volume up on so they can take action.

I found that in the early years of my business it was just the ‘magic’ thing I did and I would wave it off because I didn’t want to seem too weird and I was afraid it would crush my credibility if anyone knew.  

Here’s what I have learned…

-It’s not something to hide, its the thing that makes me uniquely suited to the people I serve. My clients ask for it by name.  That thing that I used to hide that made me weird …is actually my super power. It helps me to help them get what they want out of their business…which leads to getting more of what they want from life. 

 -For business owners, we often get into business because we want to make an impact and a difference…AND we want freedom to live a life we always dreamed of.  Our business is a vehicle for that life.

-The people who you are meant to work with…show up and they show up because your superpower is the thing they want and need most and they don’t care what you call it or the packaging it comes in….they care about the results they get.

-Don’t work with the people who don’t get you. Don’t change because you think it’s what the ‘norm’ dictates.  Make your own rules, break the old rules and fuck the norm. It’s an uphill battle and the view is never worth the climb.  Know who your people are. LOVE THEM and they will love you back with rewards that multiply with each passing year beyond your wildest imaginings.

Why do people hide?One word.  JUDGEMENT.

OK…maybe two words….add REJECTION

Everyone hates being judged and rejected.  Both will send someone running the other direction screaming.  How do you step out from behind the shadows of those two gremlins?

  1.  Find the community that sees you bigger than you see yourself and celebrates you!  In other words, “Go where you are celebrated!”
  2. Bring the gremlins out into the light.  Fear can only live in the shadows.

Why are your unique gifts so important?

In business: They are the things that set you apart from others.  They are the beacons of light that call your tribe home. They are the tools of your trade.  They are the superpowers that get big time results and create happy customers and clients.

In life:  They allow you to be fully expressed, lit from the inside out, and deeply fulfilled without apology.  They are freedom incarnate.

Your gifts may not be my gifts…but I know you have something that sets you apart from the crowd. Are you hiding them or living them?

Want a slice of my gifts? 🙂  Grab a seat on my calendar here and let’s have a chat

Are you living your priorities?

Here are my musings this week…

“Action expresses priorities” — Mahatma Gandhi

Fair week just passed. For those who do not live in agriculturally driven areas….think back to when you read Charlotte’s Web…(if you haven’t read Charlotte’s Web you have been robbed of an important part of your childhood….stop, go read Charlotte’s Web…come back and resume.)

It is a time of year where a lot of invitations come forth:

to lunch

to ‘hang out’

to go to the rodeo

to go to the dance

to go to concerts

To cocktails

…you get the idea

Anyone (besides me) allergic to small talk?

I suck at it. Worse, the more seasoned on the planet I become the less I can even fake it.  I can’t fake anything.

My 20s were about proving I could do it on my own.

My 30’s were about approval and being enough, and worrying about what people thought of me.

The magic that is my 40’s…well I am calling it the ‘fuck it’ decade so far.

I have a hair trigger on the bullshit meter and zero tolerance for not being real.  Sometimes I just want to call it out right there in the moment and be like, “Can we just be real for minute?” Sadly, I have found, depending on the setting, being this direct or blunt can make you a social leper. Ask me how I know. 🙂

I also find people make a lot of assumptions about my availability, since I own my own business that must mean I infinite amounts of time flexibility.  The reality is, I do have time flexibility. I flex on when I work so I can support my family’s endeavors. Yet, sometimes I still work 100 hours for myself to avoid working 40 for someone else ever again. (I have simply become unemployable.)  I am positively terrible at having a boss. It just slows me down and kills my efficiency!…and meetings? Lawd help me! I don’t love meetings.

What does this all boil down to?

I think I am circling in on a point.

There’s no such thing as not having enough time, only what you choose as your priority.

I am in a season that a lot is required of me to live by my priorities.  I am ok with it. It is a choice.

‘Intentional Imbalance’

When living a life of balance….it’s really rarely a straight 50/50 split.

Things tend to ebb and flow in one direction or another.  When living by your priorities sometimes this can shift hard in one direction or the other for a period of time, not an ebb and flow, but a HEAVY imbalance.  When this occurs, I call it ‘Intentional Imbalance’. We choose to shift the weight significantly in favor of one direction over another for a period of time.

We give up something(s) in favor of other(s).

I have chosen priorities.  In order to live those priorities I have to give up some things in favor of others.  I do this intentionally and with purpose. Currently i am giving up social engagement.  It is not because I am antisocial; though I am a deep introvert. It is not because I don’t like people; though sometimes it for sure gets a little too people-y out for me.  It’s not because I don’t like having friends; through I am quality over quantity.

I could go on illustrating this.  I am sure you get my meaning.

I have come under fire, I have been questioned, I have been judged, I have had others try to impose their personal priorities and standards on me and tell me that ‘its simply not healthy’.  Lovingly, I say…it is up to us to determine what is healthy and what serves us. Currently, I just don’t have space or desire to do and be everything. I have goals, and plans, and things I want to do.  These things require my focus, time, energy, and attention. I know that I can’t do everything sustainably so I have chosen to do a few things really well…..and social focus isn’t currently one of those things. If you don’t put your house in order and keep it in order there is no room for anything else.

Anyone else ever feel this way? How do you consciously shift your priorities in favor of your goals, and how do you stand in your truth when others share their good opinions about it?

Unplug Yourself

Unplug Yourself

Everything works better if it gets unplugged for a little while.

What is any tech support line’s number one solution before all things? Unplug it…leave it unplugged for enough time to FULLY power down, and then plug it back in!

Guess who else that works for?


Recently I was in a gorgeous beach location, for a class if you can believe it, and I took a few days on the outset to unplug. The nature of this location left me with VERY limited internet and no cell service so, truth be told, I couldn’t have been fully plugged in if I wanted to. The types of experiences that take the power of being plugged in out of my hands really are best. Sometimes I need protection from myself and my love of work. Do you ever feel that way?

I took the time to get quiet and notice things I don’t often take the time to notice about myself and learned a few lessons.

Some things I ‘knew’ but needed reminded of, other things were a little more slow to soak in, kind of like the sunshine that quickly lead to a little extra rosiness.

Here is what showed up:

Everyone will be ok…
you are not as important as you think you are….This is not a bad thing! In reality, we are all replaceable, especially in the short term. The team could take care of anything that was needed, the ‘Village’ and Grandma were available to the kids. Everyone’s needs were met.

The people who have true emergency that directly impacts you always know how to reach you.

FOMO is real, and sometimes you don’t even know you have it until you don’t have access to the constant stimuli.
For those who suffer from this one particularly, you won’t die if you aren’t plugged in, and neither will anyone else. I promise.
To some this can be a big one. The dopamine trigger from social media and constant flood of your inbox is REAL. It can hijack your brain and make you think you need it, and you might be missing ‘an opportunity’ if you don’t have constant access. Put on your vacation reminder, make a socail media peeps know you are taking a time out and promise all the juicy details AFTER you get back on the grid.
People understand, they might be jealous, but they understand and are happy for you and actually work NOT to bother you. When you pre-frame your departure as ‘unplugged’ and you explicitly tell them what you need ahead of time they will work hard not to have to bother you.

Re-entry can be a bitch.
Nothing like the off grid hangover….in fact the fear of it is actually a big reason people won’t go unplugged too many days in a row. If you get over the idea of FOMO, you fear the beast you come back to.
Give yourself the gift of pushing a little harder before you leave so you don’t have to when you get back. Also add a reentry day that no one knows about (vacation responder still on) to get grounded and set yourself up for success and ease back into reality.

Zero contact is AHHHH-Mazing for your mindset AND your momentum.
Taking a full and complete break gives you greater creativity and recharges energy stores you didn’t even know you had. While off grid I had epiphanies and clarity and ah-has in totally randome places and random times. It’s like the flow that I didn’t know was missing was restored. After re-entry recovery… business picked up, sales for my clients skyrocketed and everything I touched felt like magic. I was laser focused and maximally productive.

And you can be too!

Go all in…no half ass unplugging, no “I’ll work a little or just work mornings, blah blah blah.” Don’t touch it…put a vacation responder on your email You can clean up on your re-entry day.
You don’t have to go ‘off grid’ in some exotic location to get this. You can CHOOSE IT FOR YOURSELF right at home. Have a staycation and just unplug the internet and the phone. Get in touch with nature. Get in touch with YOU. You don’t even have to have an agenda for it. Just be and do things you love and only things that you love.

Go put you ass in a chair, toes in the sand….umbrella drink in your hand, and all that.

What prevents you from unplugging? Share with us and let’s see how we can help you get that time without hassle and headache! Comment below or share with someone who needs this message!
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Opening the Buyers Gate

Opening the Buyers Gate

I talk to businesses all the time who are experiencing symptoms related to peaks and valleys in cash flow and they all have lots of reasons that they think it is happening.  They also have lots of places where they think they should invest or cut back in order to solve the problem. I’m always intrigued by the creative solutions that they will employ or problems they will shift these symptoms to in order to avoid what, in my experience, is the real answer….the buyer’s gate.  What is the buyer’s gate? It is the entryway to your business. It is the gateway through which leads travel to become your patron. It is the magical solution to cash flow problems and the success of your business.

So if that’s all true why would anyone want to AVOID attention on such a thing?

Because it requires selling, and not everyone loves selling.

Many service entrepreneurs don’t feel confident in their sales process.  It is hard to sell yourself as a commodity. They know it is important…if not crucial to the success of their business, but they will still avoid it when they can.  Typically a lack of confidence is a symptom of not having a masterful process that allows them to have a consistent system that leads to consistent results.

I often hear business owners struggling between a win that they can’t explain….they don’t know what they did differently or why it worked this time and hasn’t so many others, but “YAY! just be grateful for the win,” and then repeated failures where the lead either gives the dreaded, “I’ll think about it,” or worse, the Houdini act where they disappear entirely and just stop responding to calls and emails.

It isn’t easy for some to step into vulnerable space, risking what people will think, and talk about something as personal as other people’s money.  The money you want them to give to you, let alone do it confidently like it’s any other conversation.

The reality is…it IS like any other conversation with the buyer in many ways.  We listen, we talk, we serve. The key is to have a repeatable process that allows for a confident experience that honors both parties.  We also have to understand that we are not really the commodity at all. We are, simply put, the vehicle through which they invest in themselves.  You aren’t competing against your industry competition. You are competing with your buyer. That can add to the challenge.

When you have these conversations, what comes up for you?  Do you love it or hate it? Perhaps it’s a mixed bag. We would love to hear what challenges you face most often in your sales conversations with prospective buyers.  How can we help?

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I call BS….on what it takes to be good at moving people (and I don’t mean with a truck)

I call BS….on what it takes to be good at moving people (and I don’t mean with a truck)

I have been having a lot of conversations with entrepreneurs lately about their business…not a shocker given my profession right?!  However, lately I have noticed a pattern erupting.

If you have followed me for very long you know that I LOVE business strategy and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get the most out of their businesses. I love crafting the big vision and then showing them exactly what we need and how to get there. We set this up for them to have lots of passion and enthusiasm while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.  You also know that I put an emphasis on sales as the gateway to your business.

In my recent discussions I have been getting a lot of feedback around the belief  that you have to be an extrovert to be good at sales. Meaning you must be things like a: gregarious, verbose, social loving, mingling, weekend warrior kind of person.  To the contrary, you can’t be great at sales if you tend to be quiet, prefer to stay home with a good book or hugging the wall at a party and keeping a general low profile in the social arena.

The truth is….none of that matters.  Yup…you read that right. It’s all bullshit.  What matters more than if you are an introvert or an extrovert or ambivert…or any ‘vert’ at all is your skill set.  I have seen the most socially apt person suck at sales, and I have seen the quietest wall flower around that you might have mistaken for a deaf mute at a party absolutely glow in a 1:1 conversation.  All you have to do to be good at sales is uplevel your skill set.



Too often when we hear people talk about sales training or skills they immediately feel like they need to take a shower because they immediately get a picture of a scumbag sleazeball who is pushily chasing them around a used car lot.  This could not be further from the truth.

In its purest form it isn’t really about selling at all….it is about moving, motivating and inspiring people through conversation.  We all move people. We move our children to do chores, and homework, and behave and eat vegetables…eventually move out. We move employees to be more productive and take on more responsibility, to be good leaders, etc.  We move our customers and clients to invest in themselves through us and our products or services. We are all in the business of moving and inspiring people.

Sales is nothing more than moving people.  We are moving them to a decision or an action for their highest and greatest good.  Without this ability our business do not reach their fullest potential. Without mastery of this skill, I do not get to use all the other fancy tools in my bag to strategize, leverage and uplevel their business.  Without sales there is no business to grow. Why? Because people have to first say yes and become a buyer of what we offer before we can serve them.

What roadblocks do your prospective buyers run into when trying to move them to take action?

Where do you see yourself struggle in inspiring them in this process?

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming free masterclass to help you uplevel your skill set without feeling sales-ey or pushy.